Tuesday 21 August 2007

Spaghetti With Aubergine

This is a recipe for Sharmi. She is the first person who commented on my blog last month when i started and i know she is a vegetarian. So while i was preparing this dish I was thinking of her.
The name of this dish in Italy is Spaghetti alla Bellini.
This famous dish is named after the Sicillian composer Bellini. Somtimes it is also called Spaghetti alla Norma named after his opera called Norma.

Few of the things

Busy cooking

Time to digg in

2 large aubergine ( egg plant) sliced
500 gm small tomatoes, or good quality canned plum tomatoes drained of juice
5 to 6 table spoo, olive oil
400 spaghetti
4 garlic cloves crushed
1 tbsp crushed dried chillies ( if u want u can add less or more)
large hand full of basil leaves roughly chopped
100 gm ricotta salata cheese finley grated or feta cheese crumbled.
Salt to taste.
If you are using fresh tomatoes squeeze off the juice and roughly cut them and keep it aside.
Heat the oil add the auberfine and fry them till they are golden brown all over.
Keep it aside .
Meanwhile cook the pasta according to the packet.
Now take a pan and add a extra two tablr spoon olive oil and fry the garlic. Add then the chillies and tomatoes and cook in a high heat for few minutes.
Add the aubergine and salt to taste.
Drain the cooked pasta and add to the sauce.
Add the basil leaves and half of the cheese and mix well.
Serve the past with ramaining cheese sprinkled over it.
I also sprinkled extra chillie flakes over it.
I entered this recipe for Fresh Produce of the Month


Anonymous said...

I never tried Spaghetti with Aubergine.... must be tasting yummy.. i need a fork to digg in :)

Suganya said...

Hi...This is nice spaghetti dish... Lovely looking..

Finla said...

Next time i will keep a fork next to the plate for you cinamon and thanks sukanya.

Padma said...

Happy cook, thanks for visiting my blog, you too have a great space here..feels like spaghetti is dear to you too! even I made them recently..

Finla said...

Yeah i saw your pasta dish padma and they looked delicious.
I too love pasta?

Dori said...

This looks yummy...also, great pictures of you, your husband and daughter!

Sharmi said...

oh dear, That is so nice of you. many thanks and hugs to you for that.
The spaghetti looks awesome and delicious. I feel honored!!

chemcookit said...

Hey Happy Cook!
Thank you so much for your entry!
I didn't receive your email but I came check your blog and I found it anyway.. ouff, I guess the email went in the spam.
In any case, it's really funny: I just made something really similar for dinner! So cool! Just a few different spices. :) Great, your dish is really truly Italian. :)

Viji said...

Spaghetti looks nice HC. Viji

Srivalli said...

lovely dish....thanks for dropping by my blog....dried coconut is copra...else you can also use the fresh ones that we store and which will get dried...do drop in again..


Arts said...

First time to ur blog.. U have a collection of chicken recipes which my husband might find useful :D
But this specific veg sphagetti is for me.. thx for sharing..
Btw, can I ask whr do u stay in Belgium?

Finla said...

Thankyou messo but then i removed the pic as my sister said why do u want to put a pic on the net :-((

It was my pleasure sharmi.

chemcookit thnks for the compliment and that too from a italian.
thanks srivali and vicuisine
i hope u try the dish arts.

TBC said...

That's a nice combo.. have never tried it before :-)

Finla said...

TBC you should try ir. It is excelent.

amna said...

so sweet of you to prepare a special recipe for sharmi :)

Dori said...

Yeah, some people are uncomfortable with being on the internet for everyone to see...others not so much, I use to feel funny when I first started out, now I don't mind anymore :)