Monday, 28 January 2008

Sticky Pecan Caramel Rolls

It is some two weeks back I saw this Delicious looking No-Knead Sticky Pecan Caramel Rolls in Steamy Kitchen. I drooled a lot there in the picture .Thre was also a Competition and If you were lucky you could win the bread book. But with mt luck , I didn't win :-(((

The dough you could make and keep in the fridge for some 4 days and that was the beautie of it. Just make the dough keep in the fridge and make them when ever yo feel like it.
Isn't that great.

Anyway the rolls were so delicious looking, and it seems really easy to make them. And when i made them I was really surprised how easy one could make such a delicious rolls.

We had them for afternoon coffee and the left overs we ate for next day breakfast , i just warmed it in th MW for few seconds in the morning.
The same day my daughter came back from her school ans you can guess what she asked me again the rolls but I had to tell her they were all finished. So you all can imagine how delicious they were.
If you like to make them go and check out the recipe here . Of course Jadens Pictures are much more nicer than mine.
The rolls were so good I ordered the book. So it seems I will get the book in the begning of February and I am really looking forward to it.
I am sending this to Jai & Bee's Click event. February theme is Flour

Ingrigients, Dough , filling, rolling etc..

Ready to bake


Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Rosie's Banana Butterscotch Loaf

From the time I saw this cake in Rosie Bakes A piece of Cake, I have been wanting to make them. To be honest if you go to her place you would want to make all the delicious cakes you see there. I thank god that I don't gain weight by just drooling on her pictures and recipes. And I have to say I have drooled there a lot.

If you want to make this cake you can check out here for the recipe.

She used Green & Black’s Butterscotch chocolate I didn't see it in the shops here so i just used dark chocolate. And instead of pecan nuts used walnuts.

Can you imagine the cake is made without any butter. So yesterday with coffee I had 2 slices my excuse for having the second helping was that there is no butter in it so can't do any harm.

Hey if you make them you will also use the same excuse for taking a second helping.They are just delicious.
I am sending this to Bindhya from In Love with Food for her event These are few of my favourite things.

Few Ingridients

Mixing Sugar and Eggs

Almost done

Reday to go in the oven.
I did add a bit more nuts than the recipe

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Spicy red chicken wings

I have posted this recipe before. Just made a slight difference this time added a bit of red colour :-) my excuse that then it is not the same .......
The chicken winges are delicious with a glass of beer or with juice etc........ I don't think it is that good with wine as the wings are so spicy that one might just gulp down the wine and what is the fun in that.
I got this beautiful persentation plate from one of our family frineds as a new years gift. When ever they give a present for me they give something connected to food as they know my passion for cooking.

I am sending this to Sunita for her think spice....think garlic event



Any one for few spicy wings

1 kg chicken wings ( i always remove the skin)100 gm Kabab powder ( i used SRR chicken kabab powder)
1 egg
20 gm ginger garlic paste
Oil for deep frying
Mix all the ingridients and marinate for one hour.Heat the oil and deep fry and serve it hot.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Surprise Award and a Shock !!!!!!!

I was really Surprised when I opened up my mail box and saw this mail of Ti from Kitcjenfun.withti She have given me this award for Forever Friends. Thankyou Ti.
Isn't it great to get a award like this from some one,you have never met but have only known because of your mutual love of food.
And I have to admit it was really a good surprise today after the shock i had today morning.

Shyama came home yesterday after school saying she fell down in the sport lessons . And her ankle was a bit painful. Apparently they had to jump on trompoline etc.......and i told her well we will see if it will be better tommorow.

As usual I got up today put the table for breakfast, made the tea, in between my daughter was also busy getting dressed for school, hubby was also in the living.
Shyama is the one who come last to the table, but then suddenly I heard her calling mama and I could see her from were I was standing, she was just sitting on her chair and I saw she was going to slip to the floor, she was fainting.

You all can imagine the pannick. I ran to her grabbed her, shouted to hubby , he came to us , we laid her on the floor , hubby went to the bathroom grabbed a wet towel and i was wipping her face with it, but from Shyama still no reaction , she was just lying there and I shouted to hubby call the doctor call the doctor so he flew to the phone dialed the doctors number and then I shouted from the room to him It is OK she is shyama was awake and she was saying to me he hha ho it is warm i don't feel good few minutes she was ok we gave her coke just to give her a dose of sugar. She came to the living and laid down in the sofa.

She also told us her ankle was painful and we saw it has swelled up.
So we called the doctor by 8:15 am and he was there in our place by 9:00 pm. He checked her ankle and pressure , heart beat etc... ( we had told him she had fainted in the morning )

Ladies, Doctor said She is really OK. :-))))) No panic. Just that some times it happens to growing teenage girls. So no health problems. Thank god.
Because of the fall from ysterday she have a sprain ankle . We had to take her for a X.ray and now she is sitting in the living with a bandage which she have to wear for the next ten days and No sports lessons for next two months ( which she is really happy, she hates sports).

Before I stopp , (it looks like I am writting a whole article) I have to tell you this.
When the doc came he asked to shyama how old are you . We all had a big laugh when we heard her answer. She told him. I am fifteen and in seven months i will becoma sixteen. Hearing this we all started laughing and with a huge smile the doc said Shyama you can aslo say in 19 months you will be 17 :-)))))))))

Normally I never write any long post but then with the award and what happened. Well the post got longer and longer ...............

Now it is my turn to give this award for more than one friend.
I have made a lot of good friends after starting blogging. So i cannot decide who to give this for.
So I am not giving it to few ( I would feel bad if i gave for few friends, I would be like what about the other friends)

I am giving it to just one person.
You all can guess who it is. It is Asha from Foodie's Hope she has been blogging for few years in a regular base and always commenting on all the blogs with her sweet comments. She is taking a well deserved break frm all this. And I am sure you all will agree that this award would be given to her.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Mushroom Dome for Click

If you want to have a WOW effect when you are giving a party I would suggest make this. You will enjoy seeing the expression on your guests when you bring this to the table.
I made this for the Christmas eve party. My husband brought this soup to the table from the kitchen ( Ladies I do have to admitt for the christmas eve party i my hubby was giving a good helping hand)
All the guest went WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we took out the soup from the oven it was looking so good that before my hubby brought it to the table he made my daughter announce it ( i know i know crazy but fun) So my daughter was standing near the door and Saying Ladies and Gentle Men the Soup is Here :-)))))

And then when they saw the wow started :-)
I didn't know about the click event for january. Later i came to know it is Liquid this month so I am sending this to Bee and Jai from Jugalbandi After sending this to them I will be thinking hmmmm what will they choose for next month :-)



Almost Done

Ready to go in the oven

Ingridients. For 8 person
Mushroom 1kg ( you can use different kind of mushrooms. I used a variety )
Juice of half a lime
2 small onions cut finley
Butter 20 gm
White Wine 250 ml
Vegetable broth
1 litreTruffel 1 Optional
Salt and peper to taste
Cream 400 ml
1 egg lightly beaten
Puff pastry 2 roll

Clean the mushrooms and cut them fine.
Heat a pan with the butter , add the onions fry them lightly then add the mushroom and the lime juice. Fry for a while. Add the Wine, brothe, salt and pepper. Let it simmer for 20 minutes.

Now mix the soup with a mixer. Put it back into the pan and add the cream.
Let the soup get cold.
The soup have to be cold other wise the puff pastry will get soggy.

Divide the soup into the individual soup bowls . Add the sliced truffels if you are using them.

Roll out the puff pastry and cut 8 disks with a diameter slightly larger than the soup dishes.

With a bit water wet the sides of the soup bowls so the pastry can stick to it. Close the soup dish with these disks by applying light pressure on the edges so the pastry sticks. If you have pastry left you can make some decorations to add on top.
Brush with the egg .

Pre heat the oven to 200°C .Bake the soups for 15 to 20 minutes until the pastry rises and browns.
When finished, remove from the oven and serve immediately

Monday, 7 January 2008

Kappa Chips

I think the most famous chips in Kerala is the Banana chips .

After this it is Tapioca Chips. You can buy them every where. When ever I go to Kerala i buy both of them. My husband and daughter loves them too.
While i was making them they started popping into the kitchen and eating them, i had to tell them, keep off I have to take picture for the blog.

It is the first time I am making this chips. Every time I had to wait till I am in Kerala to eat them. As i always thought I coudn't get the tapioca here.
But then last month I saw this post in Cynthia's place and there is was CASSAVA. While looking to the picture I was saying to myself Hey this looks like the Kappa/Tapioca we get back at home.
I suddenly had this flashing image of me seeing CASSAVA when ever I went to Chinese super market but always ignored.

But I never put the connection that it was Kappa ( I know i know really stupid of me )So this week when i went to the chinese supermarket you all can guess what i bought, the famous cassava/tapioca/Kappa keeping in mind that it is RCI Kerala which is hosted by Jyothsna of CurryBazaar


Deep frying

Ready to crunch

Kappa/tapioca/Cassava - 2 Skin removed and slice them thin
Oil for frying
Few curry leaves
2 tsp salt mixed with a bit of water

Heat the oil in a wok. Add the Kappa pieces and deep fry them. Don't over load them, then it won't get crispy.
When then are fried add few curry leaves to the wok and sprinkle with salt. Drain them and enjoy.