Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Dulce De Leche

It is ages ago I posted something on my blog.
Not that I have lost my passion for cooking and blogging.
As most of  my fb friends here know that I was in India for last five weeks as my Mom paassed away suddenly.I don't want to write anything about it right now, but I thought I will mention it here before you all ask me were I was and why I didn't blog.
This Dulce de Leche is something I made before all this happend in my life.
And I thought why not post it now as I have not made anything special at home after comming from India.
I still have a whole bunch of goodies to post even though I have not made anything new and till now not even have touched the camera.
Who woudn't love Dulce de leche, I can eat it spoon after spoon without stopping, and when I saw in Divya's place I had the sudden urget to have it and that is what I did make them.
She made them by the pressure cooker method and I made it stove top method.

2 tin of swetende condensed milk. Remove the label around the tin and if there is a plastic top remove them too.
I used a huge pot, filled it with water making sure the tins are fully covered with water and also there is plenty of water in the pot.
When the water started boiling, I lessed the heat, cover the pot loosely  and simmered the whole thing for 3 to 4 hours.
Just make sure that if the water get less fill up the water in th epot.
There is nothing worse in having a blast in your kitchen and having a messy and sticky kitchen.
Aparently the more hours you simmer, more thicker the sauce.
After hourse of simmering take the jar out of the water ane let it cool completley.
Keep the dulce de leche stored in the refrigerator.