Monday 20 July 2009

Strawberry Milkshake

There are few Milkshakes lined up in my post, simply because that is what i made which is really simply before I go for the 2 months break.
And thought these drinks would be simple and no questions asked as I am clossing the comment section till september, when I am back.

As you see it is not particular recipe for the shake.
You just take a handfull of strawberries, milk, few ice cube and just mix them in a mixer and just enjoy.
You always can indulge in yourself by adding icecream to it as I did for my daughter.
Enjoy the suummer with the delicous drink.

I am on a break till september comment section to this post is closed.

Friday 10 July 2009

Strawberry Feast Round up

I am really sorry for the delay in the roundup. But I always say better late than never :-)
If I have missed a entry just tell me , I will add.

Irene of Confession of a Tart from Los Angles,
has send this delicious Strawberry Cream Cake she made this beautiful cake for Sammy, you should go there and read her post, it is such a touching post.

Parita of Parita's World from Basil - Switzeland
Send this Delicious Strawberry Swis roll she says this is the best roll she has made in her life and looking to the pic i have to totally agree with her.

Ivy of Kopiaste from Greece
Send this delicous Strawberry Mousse It looks so pretty pink and creamy.

Ivy also send this super beautiful delicous looking White Chocolate and Strawberry cream cake which she made for her son'd 24 th birthday. Next time for my Birthday I am going to ask her for making this cake for me :-)

Angie of Angie's Recipe from German
Send this delicous jam, I would love to have this on my toast in the morning.
With such a bright colour it will brighten up any mornings..

Maria of Kali Orexi from Newyork
send this Strawberry Walnut Loaf and she says the kiddie can eat and enitre quart in a blink of an eye, well who can blame them as they look so moist and yummy.

Novia of It all strated with his birthday blog from Indonesia
Send this beautiful and delcious and so elegant looking cake. It looks so so good that i am sure it taste super yummy too.

Vrinda Mahesh of Sankeerthanam from USA
Send these delicous Strawberry Muffins doesn't look delicous how the strawpery pieces are popping up

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes from the romantic city Paris
Send this strawberry custard and they are not shop bought custard powder they are the true creamy home made ones.

Rosie of Baking Cakes Galore from England , she is one of my favourite baking blog ( i do have few favourite baking blogs) send this Strawberry Cream Sponge Cake she has a wonderful memory of her Mom and in her words Strawberries awaken fond memories of red stained hands, balmy sunny days, playing carefree with friends and my mother watching Wimbledon tennis on the television.

Priya of Priya's Easy'n Tasty Recipes from Paris
Send one of my favourite dessert Strawberry pannacotta she say's We just loved this flavourful strawberry pannacotta and really relished each and every spoon...Well I would do the same priya.

Lena Rashmin of Lemon n Spice from Pune, India
Send this Semiya Kesari with strawberry syrup doesn't look so yumm with the nuts sprinkled on top. Really creative, I would have never thought of making something like this with semiya.

Lissie of Salt and Spice from Bangalore
Send this Strawberry delight pudding I would happily eat the whole bowl as lissie made them especially for the event , even thought the season is over there

Lena Rashmin Raj of Lemon n Spice from Pune, India
Send this strawberry jelly delight
I can imagine sitting on the sofa and eating thise creamy jelly spoon by spoon till the whole bowl is finished.

Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen from Goa India
Even as the strawberry season is well over there send these Strawberry-Almond Shortcake Hearts , she made these for her daughtger , to whome Aparna had promised to make lots of cookies during her school summer holidays .

Ivy of Kopiaste from Athens - Greece
Send these Strawberry Cheese Cake with greek youghurt these creamy cheese cake looks so beautifully decorated and delicous, who would be able to resist

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes from Paris
Send this Strawberry Kulfi , I would check out this recipe as it is guilt free , she made form youghurt so one can have double portions.

Muskaan Shah of A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine from New Jersey
Send this Sparkling Strawberry Cider it is a wonderful refreshing summer drink and looks bautifull and if you check out the recipe you will see there is some ginger in the them too.

Muskaan Shah of A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine from New Jersey
Send these Spinach,Strawberry& peach salade just reading the title itself you know howdelicous,healthy they are.

Divya of Easy Cooking from Chennai,India
Send these vibrant looking Strawberry Granita she decided to make this , when the temperature soared to 42°C and Chennaites were left to the mercy of the SunGod!!

Muskaan Shah of A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine from New Jersey
Send Vegan Four Grain Strawberry Muffin. she saye she is trying to substitute all purpose flour with whole grain flours. For sugar with apple sauce and fruit juice, in this recipe so that it is healthy and still enjoys baking withou guilt.

Meera of Enjoy Indian Cooking from United States
Send this delcious beautiful Strawberry ice cream, doesn't it looks so creamy and yummy.

This is yet another delicous dessert from Enjoy Indian food, she doen't like anything made with strawberrry except for the ice cream, but still she made this for her sister in law. Don't we all wish we had Meera as a SIL.

laws of the Kitichen from Australia
Send this super yummy looking Vacherin, if you pop over to her place you will see how delicous the inside of this vacherin looks.

This is yet another delicous dessert from Priya of Priya's Easey 'n Tasty recipes from Paris
She send this delicous healthy Strawberry youghurt Delight and she says
indeed it is a delight you can have them for lunch or dinner or any time of the da y

Mushkan Shaah of A2Z vegetarian cusine from New jersey
Send this super healthy and delcious Oats-Almond Meal Cookies with Strawberry Filling

Vrinda Mahesh of Sakeerthanam from USA
Send this super beautiful looking Strawberry cream cake, I would say it is too beautiful to cut that cake.

Ramya Kiran of The Cook's Collection from Stuttgart, Germany
Send this yummy Strawberry Mousse it is a very simple yet delicious dessert. Egg less but no less flavorful and rich. Its made out of just few ingredients and the result is outstanding. Well you can see that in the picture how delcious it is.

Aarthi from Aarthi's Kitchen from Durham,NC
Send this Strawberry Galettes these galettes look so moist , that you won't be able to stop with one slice, you will have to have another one

This is yet another delicous creation from Aarathi, she send this yummy Strawberry crumble
I can imagine myself pouring a bit of thick cream when it come out from the oven and enjoying them. Divine.

TBC of The budding Cook from USA
Send these gorgeous looking Strawberry Crisp if you see her place you woudn't believe she is a budding cook, she is more than that as you can see from these delcious crisp.

Yasmeen from Health Nut send this Strawberry-Rhubarb Ice pops
The all-natural fruit Ice Pop with no artificial colors is the best thirst-quenching treat for sizzling summers. I fully agree to her and seeing this, i even went and bought moulds to make :-)

Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi
Send this creamy healthy delcious Strawberry-Rose Lassi , it is made from low fat youghurt, rose essence and there is jam too inside this drink. Healthy but realy delicous.

Mona of Zaiqa from Canada
Send this Srawberry fool , she was craving for some mood uplifting, indulging dessert. Rich and decadent fool is what she thought of.

Jude of Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté from Chicago, IL
Send this Vanilla-Rhubarb Soup with Strawberries this Scandinavian-inspired dessert soup. The sweet and sour vanilla-rhubarb base (rabarbersoppa) is done in about 20 minutes,

Preeti Singh ShailPlace from Tokyo , Japan
Send this Stuffed Dal Paratha and Strawberry Kheer. She says Stuffed Dal paratha and strawberry kheer was our sunday breakfast and I really wish I was there on that sunday to enjoy them too.

Jessica Voloudakis of Fearless Kitchen from Braintree, MA, USA
Send this Peach and Strawberry tart made this for a recent Sunday open house. Some people have already commented on her recent predilection for fruity desserts. "Jess," they say, "you keep saying that dessert doesn't count unless it's made from chocolate, but you keep feeding us sweet treats that have never even seen a cocoa bean. What is the deal?" If you want to know more you will just have to hopp over to her place :-)

Rekha of Plantain Leaf from Abudhabi
Send this delicous refreshing Strawberry and Mango punch doesn't iut look beautiful and there is no alchol in them.

Gloria of Canela Kitchen Recipes all the way from Chilie
Send this Strawberry Pie this strawberry Pie or others similar were the typical treats of many evenings, Tea and parties, that she call Strawberries Küchen.

Renu Roy of Renus Kitchen from
Send this Oatmeal Porridge with Strawberries according to her this is a very easy breezy breakfast with goodness of oats

Vineela of Vineelas Cusine from california,usa
Send this Strawberry Ice cream it is eglees and delcious. And love the colour.

Muskaan Shah of A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine from New Jersey
Send this Super Nutritious Berry Smoothie it is healthy delcious and Low Carb, what more can one ask ......

Muneeba of An Edible Symphony from Long Island, NY
Send this Strawberry Crumble Here's a wonderful recipe for using up your fabulous in-season strawberries and woudn't we all agree with it

Muneeba of An Edible Symphony from Long Island, NY
Send this Roasted Strawberry Sauce she says if roasting your strawberries has never occurred to you, give it a shot sometime and you'll be blown away.

Priya from Priya's EasyN Tasty from Paris
Send yet another delicous dessert Strawberry Short Cake her version of strawberry shortcake is really quite easiy and need very less time to prepare..

Dhanggit of Dhanggit Kitchen fromaix en provence france
Send this strawberry mozzarella salad , ofcourse she made this to getting all her vitamins as her lovely daughter has been giving her sleepless nights.

DK of Chef In You from US
Send this Strawberry Pancakes and When she say Strawberry Pancake, she imagine biting into some berries inside her pancakes, well I can live with that, if she makes these delcious pancakes for breakfast

Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes from paris
Send this Crepes Stuffed with strawberries she dont think nothing will beat when compared to this delicious dessert also fulfilling snacks for school returning kids

Poornima of Tasty Treats from Santa Clara, California
Send this Strawbery Chocolate Triffle she saves up this delcious dessert to share with us for celebrating her century post

Marie of A Year From Oak Cottage from Kent, United Kingdom
send this Strawbery Shortcakes When she was growing up this was the ultimate summertime feast! They all loved it when her mother made this Strawberry Shortcake for dessert! Her Mom always used baking powder biscuits and put vanilla ice cream in the middle of hers.
Well I think that sounds really yumm. Don't you all think so.

Rahin of Lazzat... from Boston USA
Send this Quick Strawberry Cheese cake according ther her This is one of those quick , no - fuss, simple recipes that never lets you down. Each spoonful of this is sheer pleasure.

Alisa of One Frugal Foodie from Las Vegas
Send this Rewarding Strawberry “Julius” days into the new fitness program and it is definitelly kicking her butts. According to her , this is a versatile, easy little recipe that you can use as a recovery drink, for added protein (say for those little ones), or as a dessert …

Cinzia of Cindystar from Lake of Garda,
Send this Strawbery Sangria there is wine, brandy, oranges ,strawberries etc.........and it looks so so delicious, I woudn't mind to have few glasses of them in a hot warm evenings.

James of The Cotswold Food Year, fromCotswolds, UK3
Send this Strawberry and Corriander suhi he has written Strawberries and coriander - who would ever think of putting those two ingredients together?
And i am glad he did it as it looks unusual and delcious.

TBC of The budding Cook from USA
Send this Strawberry and Apricot shake the title itself is bursting with flavours not to mention healthy but delicious.

TBC of The Budding Cook from USA
Send this dark thick Strawberry jam
she dis something we all do if we are lucky to gofro strawberry picking, make jam. I would love to have this jam slthered on my toast.....

Sumi of Sumi's Kitchen from Belgium
Send this Strawberry Muffin, It was raining strawberries in her place as her husband got loads of them, he didnt know that strawberries doesnt have a longer life even if its refrigerated. So she made two different bakes.

Sumi of Sumi's Kitchen from Belgium
Send this Strawberry Cake. I am so glad her hubby bought so much strawberries.

Natasha of 5 Star Foodie2. from Fairfax, Virginia
Send this Strawberry Oat Basil Smoothie with Duo of Foams
which was Inspired by this month's Royal Foodie Joust ingredients, she created this new breakfast smoothie. The foams add an extra layer of flavor with refreshing hints of basil and a decadent touch of chocolate.

Rekha of Plantain leaf from Abudhabi
Send this Strawberry and almond muffin she made this for her favourite fruit event :-) but she was lazy to post them and had to hurry up before the deadline. I am glad she did otherwise we we all would have missed this delicous muffin.

Sudha of Malaysian Delicacies from
Send this Mini Strawberry Cheese Tart Strawberries are not cheap in Malaysia, still she coudn't resisit to make these cutie tarts.

Priya of Priya's Easy'N Tasty Recipes from Paris
Send this Strawberry and Chocolate Sorbet
two of my favourite things and she combined them. If you want to know more aobut Sorbet check out her place.

According to priya it is one of the tasties fruit salade with the secret ingridient maple syrup and way she explains how the maple syrup is almost soked into the strawberries , well i am droling :-)

Madhuram of the famous blog Egg less Cooking from Canada
Send this Fat Free Mango Strawberry Bread she is someone who used to live on mangoes during the summer time in India ( we all know how it feels) I wound't mind to have one of those moist looking mini loafs.

Sowmya of Creative Saga from Singapore
Send this Strawberry jam her son loves to have them with his rotis, well the thought makes me drool, so i know why her son love the combo.

Kavya Naimish Kavya's Kitchen from Simivalley,CA
Send this Strawberry and Chocolate
she too went for strawberry picking and the way she says the atmosphere in the farm makes me want to go to a strawberry farm. Doesn't those chocolate dipped strawberries look so cheerfull with those colourfull flowers on top.

Parita of Parita's World from Bazel Switzerland
Send this Strawberry Sorbet doesn't that colour just call to you to grab that glass,heaped up with those sorbet balls.

Zlamushka of Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen from Copenhagen
Send this delcious Strawberry butter milk pie
She mde this for her co workers for her 27 th b'day. Happy Birthday to you from all of us in the blog world.

Soma of e curr from Texas,
Send this moist Fruit and berry spoon cake
Soma says ,Not a crumble, not a pound cake - but something of both is this delicious, fruity, nutty berrylicious , I am sure we all agree to her view about this delcious spoon cake.

The rest are my entries to the event.
I coudn't send just one, after saying Strawberries are my favourite fruit.
So did few of them.
First is Rhubarb Soup with Strawberry Ice cream which is really unusual but we all loved the refreshing taste of this dessert which is a soup made with rhubarb .......

Then there is my daughter's favourite Chocolate dipped strawberries

Which was just out of the world, I made them few time and this is how i explained these strawberries to my MIL. You just bite into the strawberries and you get this crunch from the chocoltate and then you get the juicy delcious strawberry :-)

Then there is this grilie Pink Strawberry Cupcakes my daughter and her friend thought they tasted as the ice cream Strawberry and cheese ,they eat in ben and jerry .

As you all know I don't do that much healthy desserts but thenthis Strawberry bruleé was a exeption. If you look to the pic you woudn't say that these beauties are made wit youghurt.

My pride and joy, my first ever Strawberry macarons and the were almost perfect that i jumped up and down with pure joy.

The last one which is a tribute to the summer, Pavaloa with Strawberry and Cherries if you look to them it is like summer on your dessert plate. Light and delcious.