Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Black & White Wednesday Cheese and Wine

Most of the Wednesday I tell to myself I should join in Susan s Black And White Wednesdays.But then I never have any inspiring picutues, so I just tell to myself maybe next week.
But as it is summer holiday here the last thing I want to do is write a post plus the recipe and I have not been taking any pictures of the dishes I make as last thing I want to do is take out the props, boards etc.... That is why you all don't see me visiting your blogs to see what all your delicious posts are. I guess I will be only blog hopping from September.

Few days back we were going to have cheese and bread for dinner and as we take the cheese from the fridge out few hours before we eat so that the cheese is to room temperature etc... so as the cheese was opend up and I saw it was so good looking i thought why not take a pic for  Black And White Wednesdays which is hosted at Tomatoe Blues .
Normally I thought it was posted on wednesday but she had written the post must be done before 11:59  today, so i better hurry up and edit my pic and post it :-)