Wednesday 15 August 2007

Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

Yesterday it was cocktail evening in our home .................hey you should know that it is summer time here, even though it was raining ( it has been such a bad summer)we decided to make few cocktails as we had guests. I told my hubby i will make the cocktails?

Ofcourse i choose this one for the pretty colour.................but it was delicious, i've plans to make it again. I made two others, i will add those next time :-))))

Naturally i blame my drinking habbit on my mother in law, she is the one who taught me and my sister in law to enjoy drinks. Not that we are all of us like to have a drink now and then

Bottles are reday
Glasses are dipped in the desicated coconut

mmmmm..............Doesn't it looks yummy

30 ml White rum
20 ml curacao blue
40 ml pineapple juice
20 ml cream of coconut ( coconut cream from a tin)
extra pineapple juice for dipping the glasses
Desicated coconut for rim of the glass
2 piece of fruit for decoration
Dip the rim of the glass in the extra juice and dip it to the desicated coconut.
Now add the rum, pineapple juice, curacao blue, cream of coconut into a mixer with crushed glass and mix it.
Pour the mixture into the prepared glasses and garnish with the fresh fruits.
Recipe is for one glass or one person.
This is going to Monthly Mingle hosted by Meeta at What's for Lunch Honey


Unknown said...

Looks refreshing :)

Poonam said...

Thats a wonderful drink! Why don't you send it here?

Anonymous said...

this one looks wonderful.....As Poonam suggests, would be an ideal entry for the event

Manasi said...

Cooooool!! looks wonderful!!

Dori said...

I love mixed drinks...I'm gonna try this soon...great blog you have going :)

Finla said...

Thanks all for the wonderfull remarks about my first cocktail in the blog. and ofcourse for poonam's tip

Meeta K. Wolff said...

That is one wicked looking drink there. Thanks for the entry!

chemcookit said...

This looks cool and really coming at the perfect time for me :) - my boyfriend was just complaining that he bought this bottle of white rum and doesn't like it.. I'm sure he'll like this drink!!!
Thanks a lot :)

Finla said...

Thanks Meeta.
It is the first food event i joined. But now i am getting used to this blogging i've joined few of the event :)))

chemcookit You can alsways surprise him by making the drink