Thursday 11 October 2012

Mayonnaise In Less Than Five Minutes

I don't know about you all, I myself didn't know about Mayonnaise untill I came to belgium some 22 years ago.
I am sure this generation of Indian kids would be like What??? she didn't know mayo, yeah that is true, any way I come from Cochin ( Kerala) and this was the time actually there was not even bottled water Bisleri or even Coca Cola, I think Bisleri and Cola only started comming from 91/92 (not sure i just think)
I remember in the late 80's when Hans came to visit me and he didn't want to drink the tap water as he always got sick so he used to bring these purifying tablets so I am for sure Bisleri was not available :-)
So you can imagine Mayonaise, so when I came here and had Mayonnaise (Home Made) in my Mother in  laws place I was hooked.
How woudn't you be hooked as we alwasy ate them every week with one of the traditionall food in Belgium friets.
MIL always maker her own mayo as she says that is much better in taste and I do agree.
She used to make the old way, just with the yolk, adding peper, salt, etc..... and then using the mixer or the whisk and adding oil little by little, this is how she made.
And then once she saw one of the Flemish TV chef making mayo in minutes.
So you can imagine her delight and then the talk how this chef was making mayo in a easy way and just in few minutes, from that time onwards she only makes mayonaise like this and I have learned it from her and I too only make mayonaise like this easy method.
This is the basci mayo recipe and I make veriety of mayonaise which I think I will post one by one.
Ans if I may say I atleast make mayo every 10 days .

I am surprised that I have not posted how to make easy mayonaise here before.
It is like one never post simple and easy things.

Make sure your eggs are super fresh , and oil and eggs are in room temperature.
Sometimes I put more lime juice or less, make sure you taste the mayo for salt and sourness etc... as the amount of lime juice you add depend on the lime you have.
Make sure you use a powerfull hand held blender like you see in the picture.
This will keep in the fridge for a week. But make sure you close with a lid and also each time you take it our from the fridge for using it that you give it a good stir.
Don't forget Mayonnaise will get a bit more thick while sitting in the fridge.
But have to say, Mayonaise don't that last long in our home as once a week we make firets and also we use it for when we have salades and also for chicken paste, ham paste etc..
Also as mayonaise is used making raw eggs, they do say don't serve them for small kids and old people.
When ever I went back home I made mayo at home but every time Hans and Shyama will say it doesn't taste same as the one here I make for them, I think it could be also they are used to theoil I use here.
In the picture of the ingridients I have used my olive oil bottle, but don't use olive oil, use sunglower oil or some oil which doesn't have any prominent flavour.

Home Made Mayonaise:

1 large fresh egg
Oil 200 to 250 ml ( I always use sunflower oil)
2 tablespoon lime juice ( I use lime, but if you want to use lemon you can) there are time when i use less or more lime)
1 heap tsp mustard paste ( Some ppl don't like adding mustard in mayo so if you are one of them then leave it out)
Pepper and salt to taste.

I use a long measuring jar to make mayonaise.
Add all the ingridients into the jar, take you hand blender and mix it for few minutes.
You will notice that it is getting creamy texture very fast.
Do taste if you want add more salt and peper and lime juice.
If you think it is too runny add more oil and give it a mix.



Raks said...

Oh my gosh! Looks at the pictures! Looks so appetizing. Under five minutes that too?! WOnderful clarity in pics :)

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

what a beautiful click Finla. love the texture.

Angie's Recipes said...

Did this before...and it's really QUICK as long as you have right kitchen gadget.

Nivedita Thadani said...

yuppieeeeeeeeee, I was searching for the recipe for a long time,
I had from someone long back but lost it. thanks for this one. I love mayooooooo :-)
book marked it...
may be I will make it now, going to get the freshest egg,

Bombay-Bruxelles said...

I do it the traditional way, I find it thearaputic and very relaxing. I must try your method when in a hurry :-)

indosungod said...

I am not fond of mayo but I love your super cute bowl though.

Gloria Baker said...

OMYG Finla this mayonnaise look absolutely wonderful!
I bookmarked! love home made mayonnaise!

Cham said...

Until I moved to Paris, i never heard of pizza too probably we belong 2 the same generation :) I am in love with ur props what a beautiful click!

Ivy said...

Lovely looking and delicious mayo. I haven't made mayo for a long time because of the eggs but now that I can get some fresh ones shall start again. I can't imagine a mayo without mustard but this is of course a matter of taste.

Bong Mom said...

I had probably read of mayo but never tasted it until I came here. Same for pasta.
Those bowls are very pretty and your method is really easy. Never knew it was so simple

Samta said...

homemade Mayo in 5 minutes - Finla, I am a huge fan of this recipe. I love Mayo in egg salad which is a regular at our place. Will try this for sure.
love your blog and your recipes.

Priya Suresh said...

Wat a lovely bowls, seriously less than five minutes mayonnaise pulling me to give a try.

Poornima Nair said...

Love the first pic Finla. Homemade mayo is so much better than anything store bought. I like mine really tangy.

vandana rajesh said...

The mayo looks so temtping. I have tried making it in the mixer this way and came out perfect however, a bit scared of using uncooked eggs. I just love mayo and the homemade version allows so much of innovation and flavouring to suit the individual taste. Thks for this tempting post and happy to find a fellow mallu food blogger:)

DV said...

Superb illustration with tips :-) I can't think about why I have wasted $$ on store-bought mayo all this while when it's so simple to make at home!

CQUEK said...

Oh, wow, these are some of my favorite things! I have to make this!