Monday 29 October 2012

Anyone for Delicious Ribbs

I have a feeling that this week I will be posting often delicious posts.
The reason for that, is Hans left to Delhi on friday for few concerts, so as always when he is not home I have too much free time.
Ofcourse if my sister in India read this post she will say in her mind you always have too much free time even if Hans is home :-)

Weekend was good as Shyama had come home on friday so then I do things with her meaning evening I do something special on friday as the weekkend is starting.
And one plus point of having a daughter who is 20 years is you can open up a bottle of wine and enjoy a cosy evening with her.
I would have rather that we had these delicious ribbs with the wine but alas this is something I made a while ago.
So I bought some bite size pizzas from the freezer section , opend up the red wine and when she was home in the evening we had a cozy evening with just two of us.
But then Shyama left back to her place yesterday evening so here I am sitting and writting a post.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I have mentioned a foodie group in Facebook which I am also a memeber.
I love that group, we discuss recipes, ingridients, tell each other what we had for lunch or dinner, drool on pictures what the other's are making and wishing there was a way that we could grab these delicious food we see from our screen.
All in all it is such a nice group that I love beeing in the group.
So one of the memebers ( Kaajal) posted a pic of the ribbs she made I was like wow it looks so yummy that I want to make them too. So she posted the recipe there and I made them here at home and we loved it, actually I must say I have never ever ate such a tender ribbs, I think it must have been the grated apple etc in the marinade.
If you want to try the delicious recipe then you can find the recipe here


Spandana said...

yummm.. they look so juicy!!

Priya Suresh said...

Eventhough i dont eat pork,these ribs makes me drool..

Cham said...

It is a well caramelized rib F. So now u re cooking for one :)

Finla said...

Cham yeah today i made Rajma and rice and kept a portion for tommorow too so then i don't have to cook tommorow :-)

Gloria Baker said...

look delicious!!

Angie's Recipes said...

O yes! This looks fingerlicking!

Amanda said...

Oh yum! looks so so yummy!