Sunday 21 October 2012

Fried Eggs on Potato Chips

I think it is getting a habbit I post on Sunday's ( to the habbit I never keep busy with my blog on sunday)
Ok reason for that is, I have been having head ache, for the last three days, and I think in the last days I have taken so many painkillers,
I went for a concert yesterday from Hans and Shyama and even before going for that I gulped down a painkiller.
So today's plan was Shyama had to attend a lecture we thought we will driver her there ( as it is in Brussels, so that she don't have to take the train , metro etc..) and Hans and Shyama will attend the lecture and I will go to a good happening which is going on near by.
But then today morning I decided after all the headaches and taking all the pills , the last thing I wanted to do was sit in the car for a 100 km drive plus walk around there .
So I stayed home, with Hans saying take rest, lay down and don't do anything, just sleep and rest.

I don't know aobut you all I am one person hates just laying there or sitting doing nothing,.
I don't mind doing nothing, but then I sit in the sofa and watch TV and that is doing nothing for me :-)

So as you can see I am not resting, I am writting a blog post.
Good that Hans or ShyaĆ¹a don't bother about my blog otherwise they will say didn't we tell you to rest.

I remember seeing this Delicious Fried Eggs on Chips in Monica's place and bookmarking it.
I know if you like Indian cusine you will know her as she is a food writter and authour and I do have her book Modern Spice which I love.

Actually I made the a while ago when I was home alone and wanted to have something for dinner but not my normal sandwich etc.... i wanted to have something to indulge on and I thought why not make this and I must say I loved it.
I would have loved to have a but more runny egg, but I must have been busy doing something else as I over did my eggs, but that didn't matter anyway as i loved it.
You want to make this hop over to her place for the recipe.
It is so easy to make.


Angie's Recipes said...

I too enjoy doing nothing except staring at the TV ;-)
The fried egg on crisp chips looks comforting and tasty.

Priya Suresh said...

Such an irresistible and droolworthy dish..

Jaya M said...

Hope you are feeling better now Finla..and that looks very delicious..will check the recipe..hugs

sra said...

What's with the headaches? I rarely have them but I woke up with a throbbing headache today and popped a pill as soon as I brushed.

I think the Parsis have something like this. Not sure, though. It looks really nice.

Home Cooked food said...

nice space and very different recipes. do visit my space too pl.

Cham said...

Drink plenty of fluid and are u used to inhale steam (boil water-add turmeric/or coffee) inhale the vapor. That will give immediate relief!
The chips with egg sounds crunchy and beautiful!

Unknown said...

That looks really good!! dont think i should go near this dish, i love crisps, my body loves them too and it shows. :D

Gloria Baker said...

This look absolutely delicious Finla!:)

Rekha Kakkar said...

Looks like ultimate indulgence eggs +potato heavenly !

Pavani said...

Hope you are feeling better now. Eggs with potato chips is a genius idea.. Sounds absolutely delicious.
I need a suggestion from you: My husband will be in Brussels on business and I was wondering if you can suggest some food related stuff that he can buy and bring back to the States. Thanks for your help.

Finla said...

pavani Belgium is famous for its chocolate, youc an always ask your hubby to buy chocolate for bakings etc...

Cakelaw said...

Ooooh, now this idea I love.

Pavani said...

Thank you for your suggestion Finla. Will have my husband bring chocolate then.