Sunday 10 February 2008

Nice Matters and Great Cooks Blogroll

I received this wonderful Nice Matters Award from Retno Prihadana of Kedai Hamburg. Was really surprised but also very pleased about it :-)
Thankyou Retno Prihadana

Now I have to pass it to some of my other friends here.I always think it is really difficult to choose few friends when you have lots of friends here in the blog. Last time when I received a award from Ti I passed just to Asha but this time I will pass to few.

Rosie of Rosie Bake's A Peace of Cake don't know if I am giving it to her or to her wonderful cakes which I see and drool on her place :-)

Bharathy of Spicy Chilly now I know why I am giving it to her, she have these delicious Kerela fish and Kappa recipes , not mentioning the rest then I will have to sit here long.

Kribha from En Samayal Pakkam she have lots of recipes which i always think I should make it.

Dhanggit of Dhanggit Kitchen she is in a Valentine mood , have you seen the chocolate rool with the sauce just delicious.

I can go on and on writting down other friends name, it will never stop...... as I have made so many friends here.

Now to a another subject. I joined the Great Cooks blogroll

The blogroll is created for people who have a love for cooking.Abd if you own a blog about food, recipes, cooking, baking.... then you should also join in.
I have seen a lot of bloggers I know. So if you have not joined in go and sign up :-)


Bharathy said...

Muaaah!!I am overjoyed!!!
Among the Priveledged few!!
Hugs!!!and Huggsss!

SO this is the way you punish me for making you homesick in my kerala recipes??(as you'd commented in those):D :D

I donno I really deserve this great award!..but accepting with all my heart,HC! :)

Hugs again!!:)

FH said...

You are really the nicest girl in the blogosphere my friend, you deserve it! Enjoy, hugs!:))

Rosie said...

Hi Happy, Thank you, thank you, what a wonderful surprise and such a lovely one!! :D I feel very honoured to receive this Award!! :D

I will also be looking into the great Cooks Blogroll too!

Many thanks once again!

Rosie x

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Congratulations, HC on yet another award.

Chibog in Chief said...

oh this is the sweetest gift i could ever ask for this valentine's day..this is priceless dear!! thanks for sharing this award :-)

million kisses from my kitchen!!

Mythreyee said...


vimmi said...

Congrats HC

Sig said...

Congrats HC... You really are one of the nicest people out there, you totally deserve it... hope you are still enjoying the break!

Laavanya said...

Congrats on the award HC :)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Congratulations, HC!!!! Well deserved, that one... [:)]

Seema said...

Congrats Happy Cook! Way to go... You deserve a award & much more! Enjoy it & have a great year filled with more awards :-)

Cakespy said...

You deserve it--you rule!!

KF said...


KonkaniBlogger said...

Yayyy ! Congratulations on your well-deserved award :)...

EC said... deserve many more such awards

Richa said...

congrats hc! u definitely deserve it :)

Finla said...

Bharathy it was my pleasure.
Well it is true when ever i come to you place and i see those delicious plate of food ...

Asha thankyou comming from one of the greatest girl from the blog I am pleased

Rosie you deserve it and I was glad to put your name in the bunch.

Aparna thankyou

Dhanggit Well hope you remember me when you have all those delicious desserts you are making ;-)

Mythryee and Vimmi thankyou

Sig thankyou; well the break is finished. We had a excelent week of holiday. Went for long walks and twice went for cycling and few time i took a peep to other bloggers place, coudn't resist myself ;-)

Lavanya and Remyamane..thankyou

Seema i guees two is more than enough :-)

Cakespy, Maya and easycraft and KF thankyou

bha said...

Congrats for the award completely deserve it ......way to go gal :)

Manju said...

congratulations girl!!! u really are one of the nicest!!! :):)

NĂºria said...

This is my first time in your blog, but hope I'll visit more often.

Kribha said...

First of all , HEARTY CONGRATS HC on getting your well-deserved award. Secondly, I'm speechless as I'm too thrilled. No words to say. I'm so happy that I have a place in your heart among the numerous number of bloggers. Thankyou so much Girl. I'll be wearing my award with so much pride tomorrow. Tons and Tons of hugs for passing it on to me. Love you.
BTW, I'm in florida now enjoying my vacation. I said that I was going to be in Atlanta when I went on the break. But after two days I got too scared of sleeping alone at night. So I came to florida on wednesday and I even went to magic kingdom, epcot and beach. I did not follow any diet during my trip. Enjoying my life to the fullest eating loads of ice-cream, chocolate cake , milkshakes and what not. No cooking, no work. Just eating 3 times a day in different restaurants and watching TV. I saw your comment on my blog yesterday about the award but I couldn't reply as my internet connection was low in the hotel. Sorry about that. Anyway, THANKYOU THANKYOU sooo much once again.

Raaga said...

congrats :-)