Monday 18 February 2008

Meli - Mello

This is yet another recipe from the French magazine I buy ( hubby translated).
It is called Meli-Mello. Fruits with soft spices.

The fruits Salade with these soft spices are really delicious and not to mention so easy to make them. My hubby coudn't stop talking about this salade, he was so full of praise for it.
He thought it tasted so exqusite. Ladies he is not talking about me, he is talking about the salade :-)))

I made this on saturday and the whole weekend he was talking about this fruit salade which I hardly had tào do any work.I do have to admit they were really delicious.
We've decided next time whe we have guest we'll serve this as dessert.

This is my entry for Sunita's think spice...think star anise event. I am really glad for these event as I am trying to make new dishes.

Also sending it to Coffee of The Spice Cafe, she is hosting thins months JFI Lime/Lemon.

I am sending this to Martha of An Italian in the US for her event she is hosting Fresh Produce of the Month.
This month she has choosed Oranges.

Fruits, Star anise, Lime etc..

Grape juice, vanilla pod,etc...

2 Bananas sliced
1 Grapefruit skin removed and in parts
2 Oranges skin removed and in parts
Juice of 1 lime.
1 Pear sliced
1 bunch of purple and white grapes each sliced half
4 Dried Plums ( I din't had at home so didn't add them)
4 Dried Figs600ml Grape juice. I used a good quality shop bought one
4 anise seed
1vanilla Pod split and cut in four so you can serve on top a quater pod and a anise seed.

In a pan add the vanilla pods, star anise, dried figs, plums and the grape juice and bring to boil and simmer for 10 minutes in a low heat.
Leave it to cool.

Add all the sliced fruits together with the lime juice to a bowl and pour the cooled liguid on to the fruits and mix well.
I think it is better tasting if you mix all the fruits in the morning and then serve it in the evening. So the taste od the vanila and the star anise can really infuse to the fruits.
Divide the fruits into individual bowls and serve.

In the recipe it is written for four person, but i think you can serve it for six.


FH said...

Hahaha!! Well... to him, you are exotic too, much more attractive than that Star Anise I bet!!
Meli-Mello look yum. Like my fruit Chaat but in yummy spicy liquid. Great job, send it to Marta too, I see Orange there!:)

Pooja V said...

i loved this exotic -fruity goodie. I bet Asha is so very correct.

sunita said...

HC, that's a lovely looking fruit wonder your hubby couldn't stop singing it's praises :-)

Jayashree said...

Sounds very very delicious...

Finla said...

Asha thankyou.
I will send it to martha too.
I saw the chat in your page today. And they were looking delicious.

Pooja V Thankyou. Yeah i think she is correct :-)))))

Sunita yeah it was really delicious. This is keeper from now on.

Jayashree thankyou.

Retno Prihadana said...

Looks really interesting. It sounds fresh and spicy with star anise.

vimmi said...

That looks so great. The star anise in a fruit salade is a new one.

Jaya M said...

Fruit salad ,what a relish it looks ,oh! so exotic ...
hugs and smiles

Namratha said...

So the salad took your place is it Happy?? Hmmmm...well I guess its ok for it to be the star for a while...then I'm sure hubby will be back to you :D The salad looks pretty and love the star anise on top, looks like a star fish clinging to the fruit :)

Lisa Turner said...

Gorgeous salad! I really do need to buy some star anise. Thanks for sharing this tasty treat.

Meera said...

Looks very nice, HC! Thanks for sharing.

Shandy said...

WoW! The fruit salad looks beautiful and the ingredients look wonderful! Don't you just love trying something new and it is so good that you just can't quit thinking about it? Thank you for sharing the recipe because I definitely want to try it too.

I just wanted to let you know that the banana rum cake with the rum soaked cherries can be made without the instant banana pudding and the cake will still be moist and delicious. Promise =)

Shandy@pastry heaven

Uma said...

wow, it looks lovely! I like the name of the recipe too.

Anonymous said...

Nice and different recipe Happy cook.The fruit combination looks very colorful and yummy. Must have tasted very good and I can see the point why Your hubby talking about this dish, of course you made his day with this lovely salad.

Lakshmi said...

Fruits with grape juice n spice..umm..I can imagine its taste...can I have that cup of fruits parcelled to me please :D Will make it

Kribha said...

C'mon HC. You are definetly good than your meli-mello. Still can't believe that you have a big girl. Your fruit salad is an excellent idea. Can't wait to try it out.

bee said...

if someone gives that to me, the serving size will have to read, "for one". it looks so good.

Srivalli said... shot and so many events knocked now..great...looks good wonder your hubby is in praise of that!..enjoy!

EC said...

just coming from asha's blog and here is another fruit delight...looks great

sra said...

I love the way that star anise shows up through the liquid. The salade really looks good and I somehow think it would taste good warm too!

Linda said...

This looks so lovely HC! And now I see how nicely the spiced nuts worked (your last post), I must try both :)

Sig said...

that is a great idea of a fruit salad HC... Love everything in it... By the way, admit it, you were a little jealous the salad was called exquisite right? ;)

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

That looks beautiful. And I love the name.

Lavanya Raj said...

wow..its looking great. lovely fruits.

Swapna said...

It is very nice and different recipe with star anise....will definitely try....

Chibog in Chief said...

oh dear, this dessert sounds heavenly!! all the flavors and sweetness of your fruits, i love this !!

btw, your hubby speaks french??

Cakespy said...

Ooh, perfect for a brunch. I think I'll save this one for my next party!

Finla said...

Retno yeah it was

Vimmi for mre too it is a new one

Jaya thankyou

Namratha yeah just for a day it was taking the place and you do have a full imagination about the star anise

Lisa and Meera thankyou and do try them

Shandy do tey them you will be really surprised by the taste and thankyou for the info, i will try your cake one of these days.

Uma thankyou me too like the name :-)

Shriya thankyou well i did make hime the whole weekend happy with this salade, he coudn't stop talking about it

Lg sure i can just give me the address :-)

Kribha thankyou, sure i am better than the meli mello but apparently not that day as he was in praise of the salade than the cook :-)
Do try you will love it

Bee You are in a hungry mood or are you joining my hubby in the praise for the salade :-)

Srivalli isn't it great i could particiapate in all the events.

Easyvcrafts apparently it is a shower of fruits today

Sra well next time maybe i qshould try them warm, but then one might loose the crisp of the fruit

Linda do try both the recipes they are both really good

Sig yeah if i am honest i was a bit jealous :-)

Aparna and Lavanya thankyou

Swapan do try them

Dhanggit it was indeed heavenly
Hubby speaks Dutch,French,german,English and he even speak a bit of my language,well my language all the bad words :-)

Laavanya said...

That looks great HC.. and i love the name too.. :) Hope to try it soon.

Seena said...

Happy, your explanation tempts me to try out this!
I don't like sweet dishes,but would love to try out..Looks like very simple dessert..:)

Finla said...

Lavanya do try they are delicious

Cooking and the city thankyou

Seena this is not that sweet as there is no added sugar, the only sweet taqste you get is from the grapes juice and the fruits itself.

Vaishali said...

What an unusual and innovative recipe. It looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure it tastes divine!

Manju said...

looks soo fresh..with all teh fruits medley and the spices!!

Pravs said...

lovely salade !! must try this.

sandhya said...

Fruit and spice.. Looks delicious... Thanks for sharing it.

Viji said...

Interesting HC. Never heard this before. Viji

Unknown said...

hi happy cook...not heard of this dish before ..looks wonderful!!

Finla said...

Vaishali thankyou it indeed was delicious

Superchef and pravs thankyou

Sandhty thankyou.

Viji it seems the french do fruits like this method

Saswati tahnkyou

amna said...

that's an interesting name! and quite a spicy fruit salad :)

Cham said...

I love all french creation :) Your Salade de fruits would be great idea for a picnic :)

Rosie said...

Oh wow Happy this is a lovely looking fruit salad.. Mmm i want to try some now ....Please!! ;)

I have nominated you for E for excellent award!

Congratulations and please visit my blog on this url - many thanks.

Rosie x

Mishmash ! said...

I LOVE such flavours in fruit salads...bookmarking it...will deftlly try this.....Thanks a lot for sharing this with us:)

Sagari said...

it looks sooooo delecioussss happycook

Mandy said...

thanks for the recipe. I have to agree with your hubby that this is an exquisite dessert!

AnuZi said...

gosh you are just full of fruity goodness!! love the recipe my friend :o)

DK said...

I have not yet taken the step of using fruits and spice combo! This one is worth the try :) will make it soon. Hey u can send it to Sunita's Anise spice event too :)

TBC said...

What a nice name! That sounds wonderful and very different from the ones I've had.:-)

Finla said...

Nags thankyou

Rosie thankyou, it was indeed really delicious and thankyou for the E award i am really happy about it.

Mishemash do try them. You will really enjoy it

Sagari and Mandy thankyou

Tbc It was my first try too

Anuzi thankyou,

Dk thankyou, i made this specially for sunita's event :-)

Anonymous said...

The fruits and the spices sound like a nice combination.....good the catchy name..melli mello

Dori said...

This looks beautiful and I bet it is so good, I think I will make this in the summer!

chemcookit said...

Happy Cook, I'm drooling over this! I can imagine the delicious flavors from the spices mixed up with the fruits. :)
Sorry if I didn't see the email before - better late than never! And thanks a lot for taking part to the event!