Tuesday 25 December 2007

Chocolate Soup With Cinamon Coated Apples

In one of my earlier post I had mentioned that I watch cooking programmes even if i don't understand the language.

I buy this French cooking Magazine every month even though I don't know french ( after watching a particular cooking programme in French.
I have started reading the ingridients, of course it will be written Oufes which i know mean eggs I will read that in my mind but I am sure if i read it loud nobody in this whole world will understand me, this goes to all the other ingridients which i have started learning )

So as I was saying i buy this magazine every month and this month I saw this wonderful dessert. So I went and harrased my hubby dear to translate the recipe for me and i must admitt it was worth harrasing him for translating as for chocolate lovers this is a realy fantastic dessert.
I am sending this to Sunita for her Think Spice ... think Cinamon event

To Bindya of In love with food for her event These are few of my favourite things

And also to Deepz from Letz Cook she is hosting the JFI Chocolate she is like me she love chocolates.

Well this is the first time I made a dish and I can send in for 3 events. In a way it came in handy as it is a busy time now and didn't had to cook for each event :-)))) I do love to prepare different things for these event but this week it is a real busy time.

This is the last post for this year so I would like to Wish all my friends in the blog world

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Happy Newyear

See you all in 2008

Taking a break till the first week of January.
Surley will miss you all and will catch up with all your delicious post in January.

Few of the ingridientqs

Making the caramel

Frying aples with Cinamon

Divide the apples to the cups

Pouring the hot chocolate

Almost done

250 gm Chocolate atleast 67% cacco cut in small pieces
250 gm apples peeled and chopped in fine cubes
2 slices of spice bread ( I don't know if this is the correct translation, i will check it out and correct it ) cut them in cubes
2 Sticks of cinamon
1 tsp cinamon powder
30 gm butter
90 gm fine sugar
150 gm cream
Half Litre watrer

Melt the butter add the apples with the 20 gm of sugar and cinamon powder. Cook it for 3 minutes. The apples shopuld be still crispy noy cooked.

Now take a another pan. Heat the 40 gms of sugar and stir with a spoon. Add the cinamon sticks and let the sugar caramalize till it is having a dark colour. Add bit by bit the water.
Boil for 3 minutes.

Take the cinamon sticks out. Add the chocolate pieces and the caco powder.
Whisk very good and boil for one minute.
Whisk the cream with the rest of the sugar ill soft peaks. Keep it in the fridge. So it can be cold

Now take the serving bowls. Add the apple pieces. Then add the chocolate soup.
Add the cubes of bread and top with whipped cream.
Sprinkle a bit of cinamon powder and serve .


Laavanya said...

Lovely entry for all those events! This is entirely a new concept but all the flavours going in are awesome so am sure the end result was fabulous too. Happy New Year to you too!

Namratha said...

Happy, I'm drooling over this.....it looks sooooooooooo good :) The name itself is so inviting...yum yum yummy!! :) Thanks to you I got to know about JFI:)

Richa said...

that looks sooooooooo good, hc!
i hope u never stop "reading" unknown language books...lol :)
Happy Holidays to you too

Valli said...

WOW! What a wonderful dessert! I will definetly try this. I usually dip apple in chocolate and I also eat baked apples with cinnamon - never tried combining both :)

sunita said...

Three inn one huh ;-)..thanks for that yummy dish.

Sagari said...

soup with chocolate wonderful happycook looks delecious

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Looks delicious!! Happy holidays to you too!

Raks said...

Thats really looking yummy HC!

amna said...

wow! chocolate soup is a definitely unique dish to me :) looks really yummy! i always thought soup could only be spicy..

Seena said...

Chocolate soup? Can't even take a piece of choco.
Good one, Happy, esp. for chocolate lovers.
happy holidays, dear!

Rajitha said...

wow....that looks really yummy!! and i understand what u mean..i used to watch food shows in other languages too and try to wing-it on the ingredients ;)..happy new year to you and your family!!

FH said...

Slurp! My kids would love it!! Happy new year sweets, see you in the new year!:)

Rosie said...

I'm so in love with this recipe who wouldn't be when it contains chocolate!! Great entry for all those events and good luck!

Wishing you a Happy New Year and looking forward to your new creations in the New Year ;)

Rosie x

Rachel said...

That;s three birds in one shot!

Lissie said...

Happy New Year to you and family!
What an awesome recipe! love to have a bowl right now!!!

Finla said...

Lavanya It is the first time i too make a dessert like this. My daughter loved it.
Happy Newyear to you also

Narmatha Thankyou. Well now you can start making something for JFI.

Richa oh no i will never stop reading these magazines.
Happy Holidays to you too

Valli Well try them you woudn't be disapointed.

Sunita yeah it is a busy time. Next time i will make just for your event :-)

Sagari thankyou

Finla said...

Remya's mane... thankyou

Rakh's Thankyou

Nags i also thought soup was always spicy but aparently my french magazine has another idea. Try them if u like chocolate you will love this

Seena I wish i was like you. I always complain i gain weight because of my love for chocolate. I have to blame on something don't I :-)))

Rajitha well i am so glad there are other ppl Who are like me.

Asha Shyama loved it too. When i was complaing that the portions were too huge she said oh she don't have any trouble.

Rosie thankyou and see you after the Newyear

Lissie i al sure you will love it if you have the bowl. Happy Newyear

Sig said...

lol, you are crazy :) Good your husband knows French... It looks like the effort was totally worth it... Happy New Year Happy Cook!

Chef Jeena said...

Give me a spoon quickly this looks soooooo good! What a lovely dish to make happy, no wonder you had your husband translating for this recipe. :-)

Bindiya said...

Dear Happy,
This is absolutely yum!,great entry, but I have not received it yet ,do resend it.

Seema said...

Nice one.. like all the ingedients & sure its was great with all flavours! Nice dessert & went for all 3 events.. cool!
Happy New year to you & your Family.

Daily Meals said...

Looks great...Nice entry Happy Cook!

Bindiya said...

Dear, i think there is some problem, I STILL have not received your mail??

Susan from Food Blogga said...

That's why the visuals are so effective in cooking shows. Of course, it would be hard to figure teaspoons and tablespoons, wouldn't it? ;)

Coffee and Vanilla said...


Those apples look delicious!!

I want also to let you know that I tagged you for 7 Random Facts... meme...

Participating is totally optional so I won't feel offended if you won't have time to post it :)

Have a great day, Margot

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

A very interesting recipe. This soup couldn't be an appetizer. Has to be a dessert.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Ti said...

yummy... thats the only word i can say ^_^

Mansi said...

awesome girl! Chocolate soup:) the name is really nice:)

Wish you a very Happy New Year too!

Swati said...

Excellent post...A sure winner to me!!
Happy new year to u too!!

Bharathy said...

Marvellous post!...chocolate cinnamon apples all in one!..wonderfully blended!..

Let Joy(chocolate),Peace(cinnamon) and health(apples) blend wonderfully for you and your family the coming year(the Soup) too :)!

Shy said...

Dear HC,

a very happy New Year to you as well!

I do that sometimes too! Watch cooking shows in a language I do not understand. But cooking is a universal language that opens doors to people and cultures alike.

Pravs said...

I am sure by trying out recipes from these magazines, one day you will master the language too :) Happy new year to you and your family :)

Mandira said...

wow, that looks lovely. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Dori said...

Wow...that is a chocolate lovers dream! And, I think cinnamon and chocolate go so well together!!!

Unknown said...

Good entry...
Happy new year!

Chibog in Chief said...

happy new year to you happy cook!! wishing you more blessings & more delicious cooking adventure for year 2008

Daily Meals said...

Hi Happy Cook! Wish you a happy new year.

Anonymous said...


This is AF from Brussels. Happy New Year to you & all at home...

Pain d'Ă©pices is gingerbread in English (Hope this helps)


Anonymous said...

Nice work! I love chocolates.Your recipe looks delicious and it will make great dessert. very yummy!! :-)

Kajal said...

This is new recipe with all my favorite ingredients chocolate. I near taste this soup so I am hurry to make this. This is very nice entry for all events. Good wishes for 2008 :)

Anonymous said...

this looks completely decadent and wonderfully dangerous!!

Finla said...

Sig Happy New year to you and siv .
Yeah i have made him translate few of these recipes :-)

Jeena Thankyou My daughter was really happy that i made this dessert, well me too :-)

Bindya thankyou. Well i know third time i send the mail u got tham ;-)

Seema it was excelent that i could send it to all the events as was really busy in this time

Daily Meals thankyou

Susan frm foodbloga really truw about the spoons but then that is what husbands are there for ;-))))

Coffee and vannila thankyou for tagging me. Was on a break will do it soon

Finla said...

Aparan i do agree with you

Ti and Mandira thankyou

Manasi it was indeed really delicious

Sugarcrafts thankyou

Bharathy thakyou. I do hope all of them come true

Shy thankyou. Actually i am happy to hear in the blog that i am not the only one who watches these shows.

Pravs well mastering the language that i am not sure ;-))))
but can always give it a try

Mandira and Messo and Chitrathankyou

Dhanggit and Hapymeals thankyou

Af thankyou. I did think it was gingerbread but was not sure as a i have only had ginger bread cookies and they re hard. Will send you a mail one of these days

Kajal thankyou, try them you won't be disapointed

Myfrench kitchen I would say it is lethal esĂȘcially for my waist :-))))

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Happy cook :)

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Happy cook I have not tried it with white rice flour yet but I am sure it will taste lovely! Let me know how it goes it is a real treat. :-)

TBC said...

What a nice dessert, HC! I love anything which has chocolate in it:-).
Best wishes for the new year to you and your family! Hope you had a good holiday season.

Pelicano said...

This must be one of the most innovative recipes posted for this JFI! I am quite impressed, and have bookmarked it to try as it would be sure to astound dinner-guests!

Finla said...

TBC thankyou for the wishes

Pelicano Do try. I made this again for christmas eve dinner and gave in really small portions and everybody were really impressed