Wednesday 12 December 2007

Weirdest Meme

I do agree with Latha Narasimhan from The Yum blog that it is really difficult to write something about oneself. She has tagged me for 7 Weirdest facts about me.
Well if she had tagged me for 7 bad habbits i would not even had to think , i will have a whole list of it :-)

So here it goes................
1. I love sweets. Doesn't matter want kind it is as long as it is sweet. I will hogg it but then after hogging the sweets I really really want to eat something spicy or salty.

2. I am snakeophobic..... i am so afraid of snakes, maybe because of seeing so many snakes in between the coconut trees and the mango tress back at home.
Don't know why i have been always afraid of snakes.
If there is a picture of snake in a magazine i will tear it away and then only read the book.
If I am watching a film and if a snake pop up in it i close my eyes and wait till my hubby or daughter says it is gone.

3 This one i think it is more of a bad habbit that weird.I bite my nails always,to the HORROR of my hubby and all the other family memebers.
This year for mothers day my daughter even bought for me a bitter tasting Nail Polish so that i would stop biting them.

4 From my point this is not at all a weird habbit but from my hubby this is.I watch almost all the cooking programmes they show in TV.
Sometimes I even watch cooking programmes ( not full programme) in languages that I don't understand, well that part I do think is weird ;-)))))))

5. When ever I am going out of the house, i go to the kitchen and check the 4 gas buttons to see if they are off. And then i go out of the kitchen and come back and look again just to be sure, This is something i do everytime when i go out. I would say it is like a obsession.

6. Same goes to the front door or the car door etc...... i double , triple check if they are really locked.

7. I have been sitting here and thinking for the last 20 minutes for a another weird habbit I have, and none comes to my mind , so I am going to leave this space here ........................................ blank and If i start a new weird habbit I will fill it up :-)))))

Now this part is easy, i just have to choose 7 people to do What Latha have asked me to do :-)))
I am tagging all these fellow blogers to do the same.

1. Asha from Aroma she has been gone for 2 weeks of holidays from here... was hoping to see her today but then she is taking a week more holiday as the cold monster have caught her too. so when she is back I will give her fingers some work :-)) and from what i know about her she is really honest so she will tell us all about her weird habbits. And i do hope they are really Juicy habbits.

2. Sig from Live to Eat she has been having such a wonderfull holiday in Spain for 2 weeks. And i would love to hear what all weird habbits she have. And i bet she have more than 7 :-)

3. Rosie from Rosie bakes a piece of cake If you see all the cakes she is making well they just look wonderful . If she is like the cakes she makes then I don't think she'll have any weird habbits, but never know everybody have their little secrets :-)

4. Meeso from My Humble Kitchen she is a real Roamantic person so you never know that she might tell us some secrets about weird Romantic things ;-))))))))

5. Sunita from Sunita's World do you all think that she will have any weird habbits, i doubt it. Her photograpy is excelent, her cooking is excelent, she is a fantastic wife and she is a excelent Mom to her 2 kids and if she have some weird habbit we will be able to read it in the post she is going to write :-)

6. Cynthia from Taste Like Home well i know one of her weird habbit. She is not a fan of Eggplants but every time when she goes for shopping she buy them, now is that weird or not :-))) so she might let us into her secret world of weird habbits.

7. I left my seventh habbit blank but still i am going to ask Dhanggit from Dhanggt's Kitchen, she is just back from the Alpes without breaking anything :-) and it seems she would like to samba in the grand carnival of Rio in Brazil. So maybe she will surprise us by telling all her weird habbits.

Now ladies you are in no obligation to do this. Do if you have time. Beeing the holiday season i know most of you are really busy.


Laavanya said...

That is a tough meme but very well done.

remya said...

soo lovely..really weird meme...well done dear...really nice to know about ur weird habits...

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I check the gas too. And the coffee pot!

Finla said...

Thankx Laavanya

Remya Thankx now u know

Susan from food bloga You too isn't it like a obsession

bee said...

oh, my. i hear ya about the snakes. i close my eyes if there's on on the TV screen or in a magazine.

Rajitha said...

what a fun meme to is hard to get 7 :)

Cynthia said...

Oh gosh! You want everyone to know how weird I am? (lol)

Rosie said...

LOL... oh my Happy Cook i'm sure I have many weird things and now I'll be sharing them with the world very soon :)

Rosie x

P.S Snakes are one of mine too *lips sealed* heehee

Chibog in Chief said...

h ahaha !! i just started reading the first part..its really funny and weired this meme..ok i accept the tag and thanks i'll be back read the rest ;goodnite kisses :-)

DK said...

Reading urs was fun! and well checking - re checking ,re-re rechecking is almost my obsession..My mom used to ask me - if I was so mistrusting abt myself!Oh well...obsession! but then now I know that I am not the sole one out here :)

Richa said...

well, about cooking shows... u might have

Namratha said...

That's a cute MeMe F, not weird in the least! :) It's good you check everything well before u go out, its always good to be safe than sorry...and the cooking programmes,my mom is like that too, she doesn't understand a word of Malayalam but watches a chef's show on Asianet :-D

Latha Narasimhan said...

So you can't play snake and ladder with me! :D It was fun reading your meme dear! I too would watch all languages cooking and even other programes too! some times no dialoge can be lot of fun! :D

The 7th weirdest fact is that (we all have) Writing these memes religiously and tagging others! :)

EC said...

I always ask my husband to check if the gas and balcony doors are closed for confirmation only after closing the main door...haha

Rachel said...

ha! I have the habit of the checking the front door of my abode a zillion itmes..I even drive back sometimes to check :))..NIce read of wierd habits!

Linda said...

Dear Happy Cook, I don't think it's at all weird to watch a cooking show in another language... cooking is a universal language yes? :):) Now snakes... that's another story ;)

sra said...

That was funny, about the snakes. I believe they feel quite dry to the touch, not wet and oily as they look. I do the same thing with the gas, the main door and my locker door in the bank.

Sig said...

Lol, very well done girl... Thanks for tagging me... you have only 6, and you think I have way more than 7? Grrrrrr... you think I'm weird, huh? :D LOL, actually I am, how did you know?

Chibog in Chief said...

i find this meme really nice and least we know now that we need not to bring you to a zoo with snakes or books with snakes on it :-)

thanks again for tagging me on this sure i will have a lot of fun doing it.;the problem now are the 7 bloggers i will tag hehehe

Raks said...

Interesting to read Happy cook:) Me too watch unknown language cookery show! ;D

Finla said...

Bee join the club i am the exact . When i was bagck at home if me and my eldestsister had a argument she just had to make her palm into a snake shpa i would run a mile crying and shouting :-)

Rajitha really true

Cynthia waiting to hear all your weird habbits

Rosie really waiting to hear about all your habbits too. I am sure snake will come in it?

Dhanggit ha ha i knew you would like it if i tagged you

Finla said...

Dhivya for sure you are not alone. If my husband and i are comming out together i tell him i prefer he clossing up so that i don't have to check it

Richa thankyou now i can say it ti my hubby that there are other ppl like me

Namratha well i just have to come and sit next to your mom when she watches asianet then i will explain everything to her as long as she cooks for me :-)

Latha Narasimhan Oh my daughter have a snake and the ladder which swe bought in India when she was litle that i play even though i try to make excuse but then the snakes are not like the one we see in the magazines.
Well isn't it funny we all are crazy about these cooking programmes :-)

Easycraft that is bad then he has to open the door to check again . Actually i have gone out and reopend the front door to check everything

Rachel I am really surprised to hear how many of us have all these same habbits

Linda that is really true. But then if they say cut the veggies small i might think they are saying make paste from the veggies :-)))

Sra thankyou very much i think that was a bit too much information about snakes. Don't tell me you have touched one.

Sig so i am correct then. You do have more than seven :-)))))

Dhanggit myhusband say the same, When we are in holiday in India he and our daughter goes to visit these snake farm and the whole time i will be waiting out side, you won't get me into a place like that in my lifetime

Seena said...

that was nice!
nalla adi kittanam nakham kadikkunnathinu..:)
I think most of the ladies have this habit of re checking gas,front door etc, me too do the same!..:D

Peter M said...

Thank you for visiting my site. You are a talent in the kitchen and I'll be visiting more often.

PS. I love the sari!

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Happy I enjoyed reading your post. :)

Meera said...

I do that gas thing too! and even if i have checked thousand times, whenever I am outside, I keep thinking what if it's still on?

Bong Mom said...

That 5th point is not weird, it is really important. i don't check and then constantly worry if the burners have been switched off

Kribha said...

It was very nice to read your meme. We share a few things in common like nail-biting and hatred for snakes. I know writing this meme would have been tough, but you have done a very good job.

Finla said...

Seena ente veetukaru ellavarm parayum addikum nakom kadichal. Still i do it :-)

Peter M thankyou.

Jeena Thankyou too

Meera join the club. Once even i force mu hubby to drive back to check if the coffee pot was offed

Cooking and the city really surprised how many of us are having these same habbits

Sandeepa i check them but i still worry:-)

Kribha thanyou. You too bite the nails, i know it is a real bad habit, i wear nail polish and then i don't bite for a few days but then the temptation overtakes

bird's eye view said...

This was a fun meme, no? The one about snakes was interesting. I know someone who was so scared of them, she used to make off a curlicued ring I wore, saying it looked like a snake.