Friday 14 December 2007

Christmas Cake

Before I used to make christmas cake every year . I used to make the cake in the begning of october and after a month take it out and spoon brandy over it etc and keep it till christmas and always took it to my inlaws place.

But for the last years I didn't make anymore has during this time one is having so much food with all the parties I decided no more making christmas cake untill Isaw this cake in Mishmash place. All of you who have visited her place will agree that she makes wonderful cakes.

While reading her post and going through the ingridients I was felling really homsick.She had made the cake like my Mom make. She also used to caramalize the sugar when ever she made a cake.
So all my planning for not making christmas cake changed and AFAM this month is dry fruits which is hosted by Latha Narasimhan from The yum blog so i am sednig this to her for the event.

To be honest I think I have gained few kilos after i started blogging and participating in all these events .
Now who is talking about the weight when I have made this delicious cake.

Back to buisness, as i was saying I was feeling homesick while seeing the cake in Mishmash blog but when I was making the cake I was more homesick.I well tell you why, while powdering the spices , the caramel water and mixing all the ingridients my whole kitchen ( well my small kitchen) was having the same smell like when my mom made her cakes.

If you would have come to my kitchen you would have seen me bending over the cake mixture and inhalling like a mad women .I put the cake into the oven and you all can guess what I did in seconds. Rang my Mom in India and told her that I made the same the christmas cake like she makes her cake and the whole place is smelling like when she made the wonderful cakes.

If you want to make the cake you can ger the recipie here
Normally when ever I make a cake I take the whole cake to my inlaws place but this time as it was this special kerala Christmas cake I kept half in my place for me to have to my heart and stomach content :-)

Dry fruits

Few of the other indridients

Ready for the oven



Kribha said...

I was planning on doing this too next week. Recently saw it another blog too and bookmarked mishmash's recipe. I can relate how happy you would have felt to recreate what your mom did. I recently experienced it with my kasi halwa. Cake looks fabulous.
This is the first time I'm going to try this cake. If you could give me any tips I would surely appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Finla said...

Kribha i would say just follow Mishmash recipe.
And do as she said don't tempt yourself to cut it before the fourth day. I really had to control my temptation as i was so excited after making the cake :-)
I sliced them after 5 days.
Today when i had a slice with my coffee first thing i did was smell the slice. Mmmmm smell of childhood ;-)

Mishmash ! said...

It was so 'touching' to read your experience baking the cake.I liked the color. But I am more happy reading that you could revive those childhood memories and if I may borrow ur own words, "the smell of childhood". Thank you so much for showing confidence in my recipe and and trying it out and posting it too :)

Enjoy the cake :) Merry X'mas :)


Rosie said...

what a beautiful cake happy cook :) It's strange how we evoke childhood memories when cooking or baking certain things.

I haven't forgotten your tag hope to post soon :)

Rosie x

Laavanya said...

Your slices are just so perfect!! They look like the ones you can get in a bakery and am sure they taste even better. I made this cake from MishMash's website yesterday and it's sitting on my counter and am eagerly waiting for Tuesday to cut into it. :)
The inside of my cake looks lighter in colour.. i guess my caramel was light. Go ahead and indulge in this masterpiece of yours!

Rajitha said...

happy cook...that cake looks is indeed i wish i lived near ur place so i could get to eat some..i will chk out mishmash's recipe as well....

Finla said...

Mishmash merry christmas to you too. And thankyou for posting the recipe and what i hear frm the other blogers that the recipis has been made by more of them. SO you have to be really happy that you posted and it has given us so much pleasure

Rosie thankyou yeah especially food from special occasion.
And don't worry do take your own time to do the meme

Lavanya I am sure you are also very pleased thay u made mishmash cake. I am so glad that waiting period is finished and that i could cut the cake.

Rajitha if u were living close to me I would really come over to your place and give you few slices and then i too can try your wonderful food :-)

bee said...

looks delciious. merry christmas to you.

Sagari said...

cake looks wonderfull happycook i have to try this recipe

Sagari said...

and i loved reading it

remya said...

awesome...cake slices looks simply perfect n elegant....i always love this fruit cakes available at bakeries in kerala...the smell of dry fruits...ahhhaaa excellent...i'm planning to try it...i have no patience to keep cake as it is for five days....

Finla said...

Bee thankyou and Merry christmas to you and jai

Sagari thankyou. You would love it if u made them

Mansi said...

I guess its fruit and nut cake time all around! I'm surely making these next week, your ingredients are so inviting I might just eat a handful of them right now HC!:)

great job! Merry X'mas to you and your family!

Rina said...

Happy, thats a lovely christmas cake. My christmas fruit & nut cake with wine is baked last weekend. As I commented on mismash' s post, I ground the fruit and marinated it for a year in wine. Did 'nt finish my photo session yet. Hopefully some peices will be left for that.

Loved your version. Pretty colorful.

Yes cake baking sure will make us homesick!!!!

Dori said...

What a nice has such a way to bring back, and make memories :) Your cake looks perfect!

Shweta said...

OMG! What a mouth watering cake! It looks perfect! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you :)

Chef Jeena said...

Wow Happy this cake look fantastic! I love all the fruits on the picture. I wish I had those slices of cake in front of me. :) You made me laugh when you spoke of smelling the aroma s of the cake, I do the samewith food in my kitchen, it is so great when you get a lovely aroma especially something that has meaning from a memory. I always smell apricot jams and apricot anything else because it reminds me of my wedding. :) Great post I enjoyed reading it. :-)

USHA said...

Hi Happy cook,

This is really special and wonderful cake for X-mas...Wow!!i liked it very much with dried fruits....looks like plum cake in bakery...

I know how you would be enjoying the seeing itself i feel very tempted...Thanks for sharing.

Raks said...

Cake looks perfect and super moist!
Lovely presentation too:)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Very nice, Happy cook!!! this cake of yours looks gr8!!!

Meera said...

That cake looks just perfect!You are tempting me to bake it myself!

Anonymous said...

Your cake looks dark and delicious. I haven't baked one for a couple of years....we've been eating too much over the Christmas season! Byt maybe I'll quickly do a little one this year?

Ti said...

Hmmm, i can imagine the taste of your cake..

Rachel said...

wow that cake is bursting with fruits.
the entire blog world had fruit cakes now and all different in their own way..and here i sit, not baking one cos of my utter laziness very well knowing that my mom has baked one..:))))

Red Chillies said...

The cake looks superb. And that's it, my taking the next available flight to our house :-). It is so wrong that you can eat that yummy stuff by yourself.

Seena said...

Happy Christmas!
Mishmash's recipes are really wonderful.Have u sent the cake here? :D Hope I will get it b4 Christmas..:)

Srivalli said...

wow..looks yummy!

Namratha said...

I've been planning to make a Fruit cake since long, but I don't find Tutti frutti here, which is what my mom uses back home....well someday I will make it! :) Your cake looks absolutely delicious F, send me a piece plssss!

Daily Meals said...

Hi Happy Cook! The cake looks awesome...healthy with dry fruits.

Shella said...

Hey. Mishmash is surely an inspiration to many of us. Even I have soaked the fruits to bake a cake for the very first time, I mean bake a Christmas cake. You cake looks fabulous.

Rajesh &Shankari said...

Beautiful cake! BTW , thanks for giving that lovely idea of Indian tea as I gift. I was wondering what I shd give as a gift & you saved me....I will blog abt this soon!

Unknown said...

hey looking yummy:) iam sure the cake mjust have become extra tasty, soft after those 5 days:)oop

KellytheCulinarian said...

How festive! I made cookies during the weekend and I gave away mason jar cookies to all my friends this year.

Prajusha said...

wish u a merry christmas in advance..the cake looks was so nice to read ur baking experience..

Sig said...

Awwwwww that is soo touching, and your mom would've been really happy to hear the story of how you missed her... The cake looks delicious by the way... Merry Xmas!

KonkaniBlogger said...

Oh tht cake is really mouth-watering..looks super moist and delicious..

Chibog in Chief said...

i have never tried making a christmas cake yet..i always wait people to give me one..hehehehe seriously speaking this christmas make you made looks really i wish i could have even a slice of it :-)

Proud Italian Cook said...

Happy cook, What a beautiful cake! And even more than that, it's all the great memories you have. I bet your Mom was happy when you called her, I know I would be.

Finla said...

Manasia desai thankyou. Yeah i guess now is the moment to make fruit cakes. Hope you blog your cake :-)

Rina yeah i did read your coment in Mishmash place.
Wow i woould really like to taste a piece of your cake with the fruit soaked for one year. It has to taste wonderful.

Meeso yeah it is true that food can take us to nice memories.

Shweta thankyou.

Jeena I am glad that you also have that habbit of smelling ;-) aromas from your kitchen. And indeed it feels good if they are happy memory

Usha thankyou. Yeah it is like the plumcake we get back at home .

Finla said...

Raks Kitchen thankyou

Remay's mane... thankyou too

Meera try them you woudn't be disapointed

Myfrenchkitchen yeah i know what you mean by it, christmas is till not there and i am complaining here how much more food i am eating than usual so you can imagine what is going to happen in the christmas time itself. I am sure going to blow up

Ti thankyou

Rachel well the cake is indeed delicious with all the fruits. Well i missed my moms cake so the only choice i had was make them myself if i wanted to have them

Finla said...

Red chillies thankyou but i am not eating the whole cake myself just the half :-)))))

Seena well it is nice to dream about the cake arriving in time there isn't it :-))))

Srivalli thankyou

Namratha that is a pity you don't get tutti fruiti there. Well maybe next year i can send a piece :-)

Daily meals thankyou

Shella you too. True because of mishmash i made this cake and i really had lot of pleasure while making them. Lots of fond memories

Shankari thankyou and looking forward to see wht you did with the tea

Cakespy said...

I loved seeing the whole progression on the cake! The dried fruits look like little jewels. Lovely!

Finla said...

RV true the cake had to be only sliced after few days.

Kelly that is a really good idea for a gift

Prajush Meryy Christmas to u too.

Sig yeah she was pleased that i made the cake like the one she makes.

Mayashanbag thankyou

Dhanggit you lazy bones just kidding. Well maybe next year u can try to make one ;-)

Proud italian cook yeah indeed she was happy that i rang her.
I was too as always

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Dear Happy Cook

Greeting comes to you all the way from Botswana from a fellow blogger and a cake lover for a happy Christmas and wonderful new 2008. Happy holidays.
Whenever you have time do visit my blog.

Jaya M said...

its really sounds great ,thanks for sharing ..i wish I can have them right now in India...send them over here..lovely slices .Great pic.
wishing you and your family alovely weekend and merry christmas
hugs and smiles

TBC said...

Hey HC,
Thank you so much for checking up on me! That is so sweet of you:-)
Yeah, the last couple of weeks have been a little hectic with work, guests... blogging and blog hopping took a backseat. Hope to resume soon.
Your X-mas cake looks wonderful.
Here's wishing you and your family a fabulous holiday season:-)

Bharathy said...

Ang this is the one!...Mishmash has too many cakes now!Pass it to us pls ;)..
Love the colour..Good read too :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! this is perfect fruit cake. A slice for me plz..

Finla said...

Anamika. Thankyou for the visit. Will see you in 2008

Jaya thankyou for the wishes. I was in delay for replying to the comments. If i was living near you i woiuld surley share the cake with you

TBC well i hadn't heard from you for a while. So was thinking what had happend to you :-)

Bharathy thankyou. Yeah i think Mishmash cake has been such a sucess in the blog world, i have seen few of them floating around :-)

Madavi thankyou