Tuesday 13 November 2007

Pumpkin Potato Soup and Meme....

I have been planning to post this for a while but never happened like my meme. So i thought I will do it both today.

Pumpkin, onion ,garlic.....


1250 gm Pumpkin
1 onion Chopped
2 l vegetable broth
500 gm Potato
1 leek chopped
2 to 3 garlic chopped
2 tbsp tomato paste
pepper to taste
200 ml cream
2 tbsp oil
Croutons for serving optional.

Heat the oil in a pan and add the onions and leeak when they are soft add the rest of the vegetables.
Fry them for few minutes and then add the vegetable brother and the tomatoe paste. Stir well and cook till the wegetables are done. ( I make always my soup in a pressure cooker)When it is cooke mix the soup with a blender.

Add the cream and serve hot
Mostly when i make soup i make them in huge quantities, so i put them in the freezer in portions.

Asha from Aroma had tagged me for What's in a name.
I had promised her I will do it in a week or two. But as you can see it took longer.

I was saying to my daughter that i was tagged by Asha and i didn't know what to write about myself and her reply was oh easy if it was me i can write a lot of things about myself. Kids they live in their own world.

So here it goes.

H : for Happy. The word say for itself. Most of the time i am happy. When i was in School one of our teacher used to call us ( my two elder sister and I ) lauging sisters ............so that says itself i am always (mostly) happy.

A for Aroma. I love the aroma comming from my kitchen when i am cooking with Indian spices.

P for Patience. Idon't get easily provocated. But then when i get angry, you better move, because then there is fire!!!!!!!

P forPen. If i was using a pen i would have written much better ( NOT) but i am typing.

Y for Yawn I am sure most of you are yawing by now :-)

The rest if the name say for itself. COOK I am not a professional Cook, but i love to Cook.

Few of you already know my real name stars with F

So i thought I will use it too.F for Friendship.
For all the friends I have met in the last few months. After starting my blog i have met lot of friends here.
So thankyou to all of my Blogger firends.

Fantastic Four.
I have also been tagged for fantastic four by few of you ... A kitchen Scientis with a white rat hubby , Rak's Kitchen , Jeena's Kitchen so i guess it is high time i did that too.

I have read quiet a lot of Fantastic Four and every time i read about somone else fantastic four i used to say wow , don't think mine is a wow effect, but here it goes.....

4 place i've lived

Ernakulum ( Kerala-India). Lived there till i got married.

Belgium. Living here after marriage. In the same town.

So i guess 3rd and the 4th still have to come..........

4 Jobs I had.

Daughter. Beeing a good daugter, well most of the time

Sister. Beeing a good and bad younger sister.

Wife. Beeing a wife. Don't know if i am a good wife that you all should ask my Husband :-)

Mother . Beeing a Loving Mother to my 15 year old daughter.

4 places I've holidayed.

Agra. When i saw Taj Mahal it was like a dream come true, i have always wanted to go there from the time when i was in school.

Murshidabad in North of Kolkatta. It was such a small village. But it was a beautiful town and so peace ful. We only stayed there for 2 days just on the way to a another place.

Egypt. We were there for 3 weeks and i loved it would love to go back there again.

London. What can u say about London. I love the place

4 favourite foods

Rice and Simple Dal

Any kind of pasta dish.

Adda which my mom makes in banana leaf with coconut and jaggery

Masala Dosa with Coconut chutney and sambhar

4 places I would rather be.

I don't know if i have a place i would rather be.I am happy here with my hubby and daughter. So as long as they are with me. I am happy.

4 people I would like to Tag.

I am tagging the people who have not done any Meme. Atleast i hope they have not done. I checked their blogs and i didn't see anything there. I might be wrong too.

TBC from The Budding Cook

Seena from Simple and Delicious

Meeso from My Humble Kitchen

Kribha from En Samayal Pakkam

All 4 of you girls are not obliged to do. If you like it you may :-) You can choose any of the Meme. You may also do both of them if you like, your choice...
whoooooo it is done :-))))))

Added after the few comments i had from all my blogging friends. Most of you wanted to know when my pic was taken which i had added in my profile.
It was taken this year for my b'day in May.
I thought i will add a pic with me any my lovely ( proud mother speaking :-)))daughter .

I might remove it after few days otherwise she might sat why i am adding her pic in my blog....
Daughter and I (picture removed)


FH said...

F, soup looks great, good to have in cold weather.
Loved the MeMes too. You know, my daughter's teachers always said she is such a happy child! She doesn't demand anything even now, happy with what she has:))
My son does demand things!:D
I am sure H is very happy with you, you and him look happy with S.
I would love to visit Egypt one day, Taj Mahal will be next when we visit India.
Have a great week F, hugs to you!:)

Anonymous said...

The soup looks great. Ever since I had some Pumpkin Bisque in a restaurant, I have been craving for some. Loved to read your Meme as well, F

Rajitha said...

ur meme was so sweet :)..it truely is great that u are happy at the place u r..not everyone gets that...and love the soup...

DK said...

You have a 15yr old daughter..YOU? U luk sooooooooooooooooo young in the snap!

Ok remind me not to stand next to you! awesome! :)

Seena said...

Good meme and soup, happy..
It is great to remain happy all the time..
Happy, I think u have missed my meme post, have written little , though it is not a meme..
pls check it. here

thanks for tagging me dear..

Finla said...

Asha Thankx for such a nice and sweet comment.
Will mail you soon.
Well i think Shyama is like me she is always happy with what she have. Atleast i hops she too stays like that.

Redchillies I have a another pumpkin soup too in my blog.

Thankyou Rajitha. Well i am happy in this place as i am with my hubby and daughter, if i din't have them with me i don't think i would be happy

Divya That was a picture which was taken in may for my b'day. So i think it is the makeup which makes me look young :-)
Well my daughter hates it when people say that i look young. SO when i forget something she comments to me Mama that is getting old :-)))

Seena just checked it, i misse it bacause you didn't write Meme in the post. That is how i missed it when i checked your blog.
Hope you are not homesick anymore. I remember when i got married and came to belgium i used to cry every day for the first six months and then after the six months we went back to kerala for 2 months holiday. Then i was ok :-))))

Bong Mom said...

You have a 15 year old !!! You must be kidding. Your Proifle Pic says you your self are in the twenties :)

Siri said...

Loved both the soup and ur Meme HC. U have a 15 year old daughter?.. U look so young in the pic.. When was that pic in the profile taken HC?..:)

Dori said...

Thanks for tagging me for my first Meme :) Your soup looks great, and warm...I'm freezing!

TBC said...

The soup looks great,HC. I have a pumpkin that has been sitting around for ages now. About time I did s'thing with it.
Very nice meme. You have a lovely daughter. You look very young to be the mom of a 15 year old:-)
Thanks for tagging me. I will get to it as soon as I finish the other four that I have been tagged for;-).

Cakespy said...

Yum! The pumpkin sounds like it might lend a nice creaminess to the potato. What a great blog!

Bindiya said...

Very Sweet Happy, loved the meme,your daughter is taller than you! lol

Chibog in Chief said...

Its starting to get cold here in France and I have been craving for something hot and rich. I guess this pumpkin potato soup is the answer..I'm glad to discover your site. Have a nice day!

Raks said...

Lovely MEME HC...Love your picture with your daughter...looking like sisters...Like your interior too,very nice...:))
I trieed posting some error came ...donno if the previous comment reached u r not ,if yes ignore this...

Finla said...

Sandeepa i am flattered :-)

Siri after your comment i added a picture with my daughter and I :-))) the pis was taken this year in May for my birthday

Meeso you better start to make this soup as it will warm you up in no time :-)

TBC well you have not done the meme's so that is why i tagged you.You can make the soup and freeze them in portions like i do, then the work is for once and then you just have to heat it up :-)

Finla said...

Cakespy thankyou. It is indeed hyave a velvety texture.

Bindya When i was back at home one of my uncle used to say i should qtop getting taller as i won't get a hubby :-) and now i am the shortes in the family as my daughter is getting taller. Of course she is always boasting that she is taller than her mom

Dhanggit Thnkx for discovering my blog, hope you have fun visiting me here.

Rak's Kitchen Thankyou. Well here whey they say that to my daughter she hates it,
Didn't get your previous comment so i piblished this.

Lissie said...

F, great post! loved the soup.. it is one of my favourite soups :))
loved the MEMES. i want you to remain Happy forever!
i know, H and S are very happy to have you in their lives!

Daily Meals said...

Hi Happy Cook! The pumpkin potato soup looks great and your Meme is very nice.

Rosie said...

Hi happy cook :) Thanks for calling by my blog and for your kind comment!! I really enjoyed reading your meme and your soup sounds wonderful a nice warm comfort bowl of soup yum!!

Rosie x

Chef Jeena said...

Hi Happy F :) Thankyou for posting a meme it made me smile. How wonderful for you to have visited the Taj Mahal I bet that would have been fantastic. You may not be a chef but your recipes sure look chef worthy. :)

Your pumkin and potato soup recipe looks so delicious! I am like you happy I always make soup in my pressure cooker doesn't it make a difference. Love the post, Jeena x

Chef Jeena said...

P.S. Your daughter is very pretty like her mum. :)

Rina said...

Hot soups are perfect for cold winters.
Happy, nice reading your post , the meme and the fan-4. You and your daughter look like sisters. That is a gr8 compliment. Wish my sons look like my bros when they grow up. Now they are 3 and 2. and I'm put their nos together 32.

Finla said...

Lissie thankx, i do hope i stay happy for ever one never knows the future.

Daily meals thankyou

Rosie thankyou. I too love soups they are healthy most of them and comforting too.

Jeena Thankx for both the comments.I have been twice to Tajmahal. And ecah time i was so impressed by it.

Rina Thankyou. Yeah i love the fact that me and my daughter looks like sisters, but she hates it :-)

Seema Bhat said...

Soup looks gorgeous. Nice meme and your daughter looks a lot like you and even taller. Belated Deepavali wishes to you and your family.

Richa said...

hey, happy cook, u sure do look happy in there :) ur dotr is pretty, u must be a proud mama!!
such a sweet meme! Taj Mahal is such a beauty, have goosebumps every single time. wow u've been to egypt, i'm so fascinated by the pyramids, want to go there someday!

AnuSriram said...

nice recipe and meme... Nice to know about you on my first visit to your blog.

remya said...

soup looks delicious!!! nice meme!!! beautiful pics...u and ur daughter looks like sisters...same with me n my mom :-)by the way i donnoo ur name yet...

Laavanya said...

That soup looks delish! I love the flavours going on there. Loved reading your meme and that's a cute snap of you and your daughter. Thanks for sharing a bit more about you with us.
You do look young. I can understand how your daughter feels because I never used to like it when pple thought my mom and I were sisters when I was in my 9th/10th std! :) I don;t know why i felt that way instead of being proud...

DEEPA said...

Soup must have tasted great!!! Awesome ME ME too ....

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

hai Happy cook, so u too from Ernakulam...me from vyttila, glad that meme's get to bring in neighbours too, sometimes even families...lol..and hey, is that snap taken at ur home?..lots of antiques out there..

Sagari said...

soup lookssss so yummyyyyyyy and your daughter looks pretty

Finla said...

Seema Thankyou. A lot of our friends and family says that she looks like me.

Richa yeah when i saw the Taj Mahal for the first time i too got goosebumbs; well the next time too :-) The egypt trip was wonderful too.

Anusriram Welcome to my blog. Hope you have fun

Remya and Lavanya thankyou. My daughter also dislike when someone says we are like sisters, it seems my eldest sister used to hate it too when some one told that my mom and she looked like sisters i guess all girls arfe like that :-))

Deepa indeed it was delicious.

e Kitchen Scitenitst.... wow you are from vytilla, i have to pass it always when we go home as my place is near to hill palace. Ye&a&h the pic is taken in our living room. I don't think they are anitiques but they are indeed beautiful things.....

Sagari thankyou, indeed the soup was delicious.

Sig said...

Lovely memes HC... very sweet...

Your daughter is beautiful..
You two look like sisters... :)

Rosie said...

Hi Happy Cook :)

It would be a pleasure for you join in with us on The Great British Pudding Challenge!

Rosie x

Rosie said...

sorry Happy Cook, I should have added to my post regarding The Great British Pudding Challenge.

You can serve whatever you wish with the pudding i.e. custard, ice cream, fruit sauce etc.

It is open to anyone who wishes to make a Traditional English Pudding.

Each month a new host/Blogger will get to choose the recipe and pudding for other challengers/Bloggers to follow until the host/blogger comes full circle again IYKWIM.

Rosie x

Mansi said...

I don't like pumpkin soup that much..but I absolutely loved reading your meme and knowing more about you!!! loved the pic with your daughter...does show you as a proud mother:)


Kribha said...

Wow...you have such a big daughter and you still look like a college girl. Really...Really I'm amazed. I never pictured you like this earlier. You are a beautiful mom.
Soup looks delicious as usual.
Thanks for tagging me dear. But I recently did it in my peach post.But i'll do the ...what's in the name meme soon.

Bharathy said...

Great soup!!!

Loved reading your Down-to earth meme :)

Loved the pic of your daughter and you!!!You look young!!first I thought you were posing with your sister :)...daughter is really cute :)

Sia said...

u have 15 yrs old daughter??? my goodness HC, u look so young:)
it was real fun reading ur memes. egypt and taj mahal r two places i really want to visit.

Swaruchy said...

Happy cook......U are an expert in soups :-))
OMG....U have such a big daughter...what is the secret behind ur youthfulness....am seriously asking u :-))

Please don't mind If I don't comment the next few months as I would terribly busy with my academic work......Hope u understand dear....I will be back in no time :-)

Finla said...

Manasi Thankyou. Indeed i am a proud mother.

Kribha Thankx for the compliment. Well here it is getting cold so i do make more soup. Take you time in doing the Meme.

Bharathy thankyou. I think i looks young in that picture as it was my b'day and you know i got dressed up as we were having guest.

Sia thankyou. You would love Egypt. I was so surprised i enjoyed it so much.My hubby gave me a choice for next years holiday as i always say i want to go egypt, he said i may choose egypt or India, ofcourse i choosed thgis time india as i miss my family back at home.

Finla said...

Sig thankyou, she is going to hate me for adding the pic in the blog :-)

Rosie thanks for the fast reply, i will make the pudding and if it comes out ok i will post it, i have never tried making myself puds even though i love eating them.

Cynthia said...

She is lovely and taller than you too :) I'm taller than my mom too and totally enjoy it :)

SMN said...

hI Soup luks yummy.. hey ur daughter is cute and a very good mEME

Thistlemoon said...

I love love love pumpkin soup! It is especially great for this time of year! Thanks for sharing your meme too!

Swati said...

I really enjoyed reading the MeMes...it was very sweet:)

Latha Narasimhan said...

Loned reading your meme! Your daughter is cute!:) Good I saw the picture before you removed it! I can say with total confidence that you are a great wife! You are just as I imagined a simple, dutiful, lovely lady enjoying life! :)

Finla said...

Cynthia, She is always pleased to the fact that she is taller than me. Like you I am also taller than my mother.

SMN thankyou.

Jendz The left over .... Thankyou. My daughter too love the pumpkin soup, i love the silky te"xture of it too.

Sugar craft. Thankyou.

Latha Narasimhan. Thankyou very much. I should show the comment you wrote to my hubby :-)))

Dwiana P said...

Nice family and you must be so proud of your daughter. She is pretty.

Jayashree said...

Nice soup recipe....
You definitely don't look like the mother of a 15 yr old. Enthanu ee young lookinte rahasyam???

Finla said...

Dwiana P yeah i am really proud of her

Jayasree, thznkyou, rahasyam onnum illa ;-)

Purnima said...

HC..lovely soup..I guess shedding tears in initial yrs helped you to shed weight and stay that way for years :D I agree u don't look your present age..you daughter has inherited your warm smile! I was glad reading your MeMe and FF too! Tks for visiting my blog..you hv a nice blog!!

Finla said...

Purnima, Hi hi after shedding the tears i got used to the married life and the surrounding and had put on lots of kilos, you would be sirprised to hear that i had gained so much kilos....... that i ended up dieting for getting rid of it ;-)
Thankx for visiting

Mishmash ! said...

Heyy...I did not know that you had a teenager :) she resembles you a lot :)

Btw, I had written in my comment reply askin you to keep the double wrapped cake either on the kitchen counter or open the tin once in a while to let the air out, else some smell might be a there....its better to leave the double wrapped cake on the counter rather than keeping it in the tin. Thought of letting you know incase you missed the comment reply :)