Friday 18 April 2014

Saffron hot cross buns

hot cross bun is a spiced sweet bun made with currants or raisins and marked with a cross on the top, traditionally eaten on Good Friday in the UK,Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Canada, but now available all year round.

English folklore includes many superstitions
 surrounding hot cross buns. One of them says that buns baked and served on Good Friday will not spoil or grow mouldy during the subsequent year. Another encourages keeping such a bun for medicinal purposes. A piece of it given to someone who is ill is said to help them recover.

Sharing a hot cross bun with another is supposed to ensure friendship throughout the coming year, particularly if "Half for you and half for me, Between us two shall goodwill be" is said at the time, so some say they should only be cooked one at a time. 

Because there is a cross on the buns, some say they should be kissed before being eaten
. If taken on a sea voyage, hot cross buns are said to protect against shipwreck. If hung in the kitchen, they are said to protect against fires and ensure that all breads turn out perfectly. The hanging bun is replaced each year.

Every month I am always looking forward to get my Delicious magazine in my post box.
And when this months magazine arrived I was excited to see the recipe of the hot cross buns, as every year during the easter time I want to make them but it never seems to happen .

But then this recipe was looking so good and there was step by step pics I thought I should make them.
Plus this is such a easy recipe to make as there is hardly any kneading required which I think is wonderful.
The only thing I think is these are best on the day you baked them. In the recipe it is written they are stay soft even on the next few days , but i tired and even though they are good and soft next day, they are not same as it was freshly baked.
Saffron Hot Cross Buns recipe here and there is a step by step instructions there.
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Angie's Recipes said...

These are the best Easter buns I have ever seen, Finla.

sra said...

How interesting! I did not know all these associations with the buns.

Gloria Baker said...

Finla what interesting all you say abot these buns I don't have idea why the called Cross buns thsnks!
Snd these look delicious dear!

Unknown said...

Perfect hot cross bun dear!!!! Even I heard that they beleive what you have mentioned....