Thursday 6 December 2007

Duck in Orange Sauce

Normally for Christmas it is TURKEY time every where.
But if you ask my daughter what she would like to have as main course, she'll tell me that she would love to have orange duck. Actually if i ask her for any kind of festivities what she would like to have in the list she always add this dish.I am not a fan of duck meat.
But my hubby and daughter loves this dish so i make them for special occasions.

Anna from Morsel & Musing is hosting Festive food fair in honour of all the festivals which is going around in this period and I have to admit there is a lot of events going on the blog world that I tell to myself i can't keep up with them :-)

Most of the ingridients

Rest of the things

Sugar and vinegar

2 Duck breast
150 g sugar
1/2 glass vinegar
6 oranges
1 small glass grand-marnier
100g butter
2 onions
2 carotts
1 garlic clove
1 thyme sprig
2 bay leaves
1/2 litre white wine
1 tablespoon tomato paste
salt, pepper.

Blanch the zest of three oranges.

Heat in a heavy pan the 50 gm butter and add the minced onions, sliced carotts, whole unpeeled garlic clove, thyme and bay leaves. Lightly caramalize everything.
Add then the wine and 1 tablespoon tomato paste.
Cover and cook for 45 minutes after boiling started.
When finished strain the sauce.
Heat a another pan and add the sugar and white vinegar cook until the caramel turns a golden brown.
When golden blond, add the sauce previously made.

Add the banched zest of 3 oranges, along with their juice and the grand-marnier.
Slice the 3 remaining oranges. They'll be used for decoration.
Whisk the juice, season and keep warm.
In the mean time heat a non stick pan and add the rest of the butter and fry the duck breast each side 5 minutes. Putut on a service dish decorated with the orange slices.
Pour the sauce over it and serve with potato crouquettes.


Rina said...

This is cool Happy. Thanks for this combo. My hubby likes duck. I've never adventured any dishes with duck expect the regular curry. This should be gr8. Bookmarked dear.

neil said...

That is so nice of you to cook the food your family loves even though it is not something you want to eat. It looks great too, I'd happily share as I love duck meat.

Kribha said...

I'm not like duck meat either. But loved your presentation. Looks like the one we get in restaurants. I love the orange chicken that we get in Panda express. Maybe I'll try to recreate that recipe with your orange sauce recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

Deborah said...

I have only had duck once, but I really liked it. I wish it was easier to find duck where I live.

Dori said...

Hehehe, I can't eat duck because they mate for life :D I guess I'm a romantic! I will picture this sauce on chicken...YUM!

Ti said...

Hmmm... looks delicious, i never cook any kind of duck, but maybe i'll try this one day :)

Katy said...

oh yum -- duck is the one type of meat that i really like. this sounds delicious!

Seena said...

never tasted this,looks lovely!

Sagari said...

I am the firstttttttt we dont eat duck meat but it looks soo good nice recipe

Rachel said...

I am not a big fan of duck meat too! lovely presentation..but my family loves it too1 so will make this for them one fine day!

Finla said...

Neil thankx well you can join my family for the love of duck meat.

Kribha when i make the sauce i make double portion and then freeze it so i too have done the sauce with chicken.

Deborah here we get duck meat in the shops very freequent.

Meeso you are such a romantic person.

Ti thankyou

Katy you are like my daughter she too loves duck unlike her mom

Seena thankyou

Saagari i too don't eat the duck meat, but i love the sweet orange sauce

Rachel thankyou. Actually i too prepare for my family than for me

Rosie said...

I have to admit I've not eaten duck very much either. I must say Happy cook your dish looks very tempting and that wonderful orange sauce cutting through I bet is sensational. I think this sauce would be delicious with chicken too yum.....

Rosie x

Chibog in Chief said...

I love duck sooo much..i normally cook them with figs..but i havent tried cooking it with oranges.. i will try this recipe on my husbands birthday...which is next week :-) thanks

Sandeepa(Bong Mom's CookBook/DesiMomzClub) said...

I left a comment yesterday came back to see if you answered it, where is it :(

Ok, I said I have not had duck, but a friend said when she cooked it had a bad smell. How do you get rid of that ?
Also sauce is lovely

Cynthia said...

This is so exotic.

Chef Jeena said...

I love duck I bet this recipe tasted delicious it looks fantastic. :)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Duck I like. I've not been over fond of orange sauce but I don't think I've had any made with Grand-Marnier.
Lovely site. Thanks so much for stopping by my place.

Rajesh &Shankari said...

I dont eat duck meat, but the orange sauce sounds appetizing, I guess I will try this with chicken

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks great!

Tsz Yeung said...


i think their very tasty^^

J said...

Looks exotic. I'd like to try the orange sauce with some other combo perhaps!

Finla said...

Rosie love the sauce.
When i make the sauce i make double portion and i freeze the second portion and use it when i make chicken.

Sandeepa, Bad small when your friend made duck, i was surprised to read it so i rang my MIL ( she is expert in making meat like this) so she told me she have never came across bad small, it could be that the duck breast your friend bought was not fresh.
Hope this info help

Suzana Parreira said...

I love the orange sauce - looks rather delicious!

Sig said...

Nice sauce HC... But I like cooking duck the Indian way, very spicy where I can't taste the duck taste :) ... But I can imagine the sauce on chicken..

Finla said...

Cynthia thankx it seems the dish is famous inFrance. They call it canard ala oranger ;-)

Jeena if i see my hubby and daughter eating them it looks like really delicious as never there is any leftover

My kitchenin half cups, thankx and i love the sauce , when i make it i don't eat the duck but just the sauce ;-)

Shankari yeah the sauce will be good with chicken too

Finla said...

Tsz Yeung thankyou

Maryann thankyou

Jyothsna it willbe nice with chicken

Suzana me too love the sauce thankyou

Sig yeah i think i've seen a duck recipie in your blog withspices :-)

Finla said...

Rina thankyou. I am glad that you liked it. I make them as my hubby and daughter loves it.
My mom used to make duck curry with spices too.

Laurie Constantino said...

This is one of my dad's favorite dishes, and my mom used to make it for him for special occasions. Thanks for bringing back some good memories!

Finla said...

Laurie it was my pleasure

chriesi said...

Your duck is great! I am going to try your recepie also.