Thursday 31 July 2014

Bloggers Meet in Brussels

Photo Courtesy BxlFF    

I have been wanting to write a post about the Blogger Meet we had in Brussels on June 21st which was Organized by Brussels Food Friends , and it got delayed as I wanted to make something really special with the chocolate which was in the Goodie bag.

But then Hans was off in June for a while and Shyama didn't come home from Leuven as it was exams for her then now in Jully is gone also for 2 weeks ( ok he is coming back from Malta tomorow) and then Shyama also left to Egypt for 2 month as you all know ( if you are a regular reader)

To make a dessert just for me , that is a big no as I woudn't do that not because I don't like desserts just that I am afraid I will eat the whole lot.

Now to the blogger meet Ananda and I decided to meet up at Brussels Station so that both of us could go together to the venue which was
Bloom Hotel.
The guest speaker was Miss Foodwise and she was so lovely wearing her signature dress and she did give plenty of tips for blogging.

Miss Foodwise talking to the bloggers

I shared this picture in my Facebook and my friends commrnted we three can go for Tooth Paste Add :-)

The meeting was by 2:20 pm so we had cakes, waffles with variety of topping plus plenty coffee /Tea etc.
It is the first time I go to a fully English speaking blog meeting which was really good, almost every one spoke English, which was so easy as one could talk to every one.
We got to know each other much better as it was like a game, we had to fill in some 12 oe 15 questions and for that we had to go to other bloggers and talk which I thought was such a wonderful idea otherwise I would just stick to your own bunch of few people one knows and now we could mingle with every one as one wanted to fill these questions, 
I am giving a idea what these questions were , we had to ask another blogger what their favorite blog was, what is the food they would never eat or what was their comfort food .... which I thought was so good and which able eveyrone to mingle easy.

Goodie Bags

This was inside the goodie bag too - Photo Courtesy BxlFF 
Photo Courtesy BxlFF - While going back home I coudn't resist so I ate my cookie on the trian whch was super delicious.

All in all it was a fun afternoon and they are planning in October/Novermeber another meet which I am so looking forward for going.
And one of these days I will make something with the chocolate which was in the goodie bag.
Facebook Page from BxlFF

Photo Courtesy BxlFF 

Photo Courtesy BxlFF 

I would like to thank the Maxine,Alison,Andrea and Michelle for organizing this meet.
Of course all the sponsors too.


Bombay-Bruxelles said...

It was nice to see you there... and happy to note that you'll be there for the next one too :-)

Gloria Baker said...

What nice event Finla and fun!!
I love the pics especially the pic of you and friends!

sra said...

Looks like I'm the only one not going to blogger meets :(

Angie's Recipes said...

It must be really fun to meet all the blogger friends!