Thursday 1 September 2011

Cyprian Bread with Olives and Corriander

Is there double love than just love, that is what i think I will say , I double love to make bread :-)
All the kneading and shaping just relax one and not to mention the super delicious smell which comes from your kitchen and fill up the whole home.
If my hubby and daughter read this ( well no worries they never read my blog) they will sure call me weirdo ;-).

The recipe is from Paul Hollywood a brittish bread/pastry Chef.
According to him this bread originally is from Koikilia a place in Cyprus. He also said we can eat this bread with hummus, tsatziki, roasted meat and salades etc....
But I have to say the first time I made this bread last week it was almost finished the day itself, we just sliced , buttered each slice and ate just like that as it was so delicious.
And then two days later I made them again, so you can imagine how delicious this bread is.
The second time I made the bread I added white onions as I didn't had red inions at home but I woudn't do that anymore as it is far better with red onions.

The recipe given below is for 2 bread but I halved the recipe and made one bread.
Please if you make this bread use good quality olives which are not too salty.
Click the image to larger picture.

2 Breads:
500 gm White Wheat flour plus extra for dusting (I didn't had so i used white bread flour)
1 1/2 tsp salt ( I added less as the olives are salty enough)
2 tbsp olive oil
30 gm fresh yeast
300 ml warm water
150 gm Greek olive ( buy good quality ones and check that they are not too salty ) pitted and halved
75 gm red onions finley chopped
hand full of fresh corriander leaves chopped ( i used less as inlike me my other family memebers are not too wild about them)
3 tbsp Bran ( in the recipe this in not added, but I add to all my bread mix as they are healthy)

Add the flour in a large bowl and add salt and oil.
Dissolve the yeast in a little warm water and add in the bowl.
Slowly add hot water as you mix by hand until the dough is smooth.
Put the dough onto a floured work surface and kneed for 8 to 10 minutes, put it back into the bowl and leave covered in a warm place for resting 1 hour.
After one hour, Knead the olives, onions and corriander to the dough and divide into two portions.
I made the bread in a round tin, so butter each tin, sprinkle flour.
Shape the portions of dough in to ball shape and keep in the prepared tin.
Sprinkle each bread with a bit of flour and take a knive and carve a cross in the top.
Cover with butterd plastic foil and leave it to rest for another 1 hour in a warm place.
Preheat the oven to 220°c . Bake the bread for 30 minutes till they are golden brown.
Let it cool and then enkoy each slices with butter :-)
Depending on your oven it might take less or more time.
Tip: If you think the dough is a bit too wet just had a little bit more flour, that is what i do, you just have to feel it.
Sending the delicious bread for Yeast Spotting.


Dewi said...

What a wonderful spice for bread. Olive bread always has a special place in my tummy :)

Bombay-Bruxelles said...

I could eat a slice of that just as is!!

Angie's Recipes said...

I am a huge fan of homemade bread. This is such a lovely artisan loaf, and I love the addition of olives and coriander.

Akila said...

wow simply superb...
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Pavithra Elangovan said...

Lovely texture with all my fav ingredient... wish to try this soon... love it totally.

Deeba PAB said...

I double love bread baking too Finla, and this bread sounds fab! Love the coriander in there too. YUM!

Gloria Baker said...

What nice look this Happy cook, I love make bread!! gloria

Spandana said...

It looks very nice.. myhubs is a huge fan of olives.. i shud try this one.

Bong Mom said...

I double love you and your blog :)

Finla said...

Ha ha bong Mom you are so sweet, I double it back too :-)

Sashquatch said...

I utterly adore Paul Hollywood so trust this bread tastes every bit as good as it looks and sounds :) Lovely recipe and i adore the flavours so so much!

arthi said...

wow!!fabulous bread..

Unknown said...

Flavourful bread

Priya Suresh said...

Quite a flavourful bread, feel like having a slice with some herbed cheese spread..

cookingvarieties said...

hi finla, such a delicious looking bread , must try this put- cos i love olives
glad i blog walk to your site.. hi, i am Wan, from malaysia, do visit my blog , would love to read a comment from you too. have a nice day

lissie said...

thats a very special and healthy bread...delicious!

Unknown said...

Finla...the bread looks amazing! spiced and flavored wonderfully! I would love to have a slice of it!

sra said...

Are those red olives, Finla, not sure I've ever seen red ones! It looks interesting, the bread!

Finla said...

Sra they are a kind of black purplish greek olives. I will once take a picture of few whole ones and post pic.

Kalyan said...

this one looks so mouth-watering and easy to prepare...delicious!

Ivy said...

Finla, this bread is called Elioti and I make it quite often. Love it!! I don't know why the author you mention says it is a recipe from Kouklia, as this is a recipe we make all over Cyprus.

Finla said...

Ivy thankyou for the info, i will check out your link. I write what the authour says in the book, but then i guess as you are from that part of the world you will know it better :-)