Monday 13 August 2012

Strawberry Cream Cake

It is still summer holidays and we are enjoying having Shyama at home ( ok not the she is continues home as she is doing her summer job for one month in the library here )
And as Hans is in holiday too he and I have been going to place here around but then cycling, the longest we have cycled till now is 25 km. I don't thing it will get longer than that.
I know I have been missing out on you lovely posts and I will have to miss it till the begning of september .
I had plans to post something healthier, but after seeing the pictures of the cake both my sisters have been asking for the recipe.
Ok this is a cake I made to take to my inlaws place for a sunday coffee and we all loved it.

If yor are a vegetarian you don't have to use the gelatine in the cream, I use it as it as i have heard the bakers use it so that they can keep the cake for longer so the cream does'nt run.
You should moist the cake with the liquour of you choice if you don't have strawberry liquour, but what ever you are using you must moisten teh cake otherwise the cake might be too dry.

For the Sponge:
Sugar 150 gm ( I used 120 gm)
Eggs 250 gms ( usually 5 eggs, depending on the size)
Flour 150 gm
Vanilla Extract 1 tbsp
Baking powder 1/2 tsp
1 pinch of salt
(There are times when I melt butter and add to the batter to make the cake more moist this time I didn't do )
Preheat the oven to 200° c.
Line and grease 9 inch round cake tin, when it comes to inches I have no idea aobut the measurement , I used a 22 cm cake tin.

In a large bowl add he eggs, sugar and vanilla extract in a bowl and beat together ( I used a hand mixer)  till it gets very thick to a ribbon texture, this will take 8 to 10 minutes.
Sift the flour and baking powder together, do this twice so that there is no lumps.
Fold the sifted flour mix into the egg mixture using a metal spoon or spatula ( I used a spatula) you should be carefull when you fold just be gentle, don't be in a hurry.
Pour tha batter into the tin.
Bake fro 25 tà 30 minutes , to know if it is baked insert a toothpick and that should come our clean, then you know it is done.
In my Oven the cake was done in 24 minutes so I guess it depends on your oven.
 Let the cake cook for atleast 10 minutes in the tin and then remove it from the tin and leave it to cool completley before you decorate the cake and do the filling.
 500 gm strawberries
750 ml full fat cream cold
3 tbsp powder sugar ( if you like a sweeter cake you ave to add more powder sugar here at home we don't like that much sugar on a creamy cake so add the sugar according to your taste)
4 to 5 tsp water (Only use this water if you are using gelatine)
3 tsp gelatine powder
Combine water and gelatine and MW for few seconds and mix everything well.
Few tbsp of strawberry liqueor ( if you don't have this you can use rum or any other drink )
Few drops of red food coloring.

In a bowl add the cream, food color and sugar and using a hand mixer whipp the cream when it is a bit thick add the gelatine in a small stream, whipp the cream till it is really thick.

Assembling the cake
Slice the cake horizontally .
Sprinkle both the piece wtih the strawberry liquer.
Slice 300 gm strawberries and mix with couple of table spoon of the whipped cream.
Spread this mix on top of a cake layer.
Take the other piece of the cake and press on top.
Use the rest of the whipped cream for spreading the whole cake and also for decorating the top of the cake.
Slice the rest of the strawberries and decorate the side of the cake.
Keep in the fridge for one hour and then slice and enjoy the cake.


Unknown said...

Looks awesome..

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Lovely, want some of that.

Hamaree Rasoi said...

you are right many use gelatine for the stiffness in the cream...Keeping the cake moisturized is the key here...The cake looks so beautiful...

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Superb pinky cream cake, look so appetizing! Fallen in love with it :)

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Cake looks gorgeous,,,.luved the frosting too,

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Cake looks absolutely delicious Finla..and enjoy summer with family ..hugs

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This is so pretty Fin but then all your desserts look good. Have a fun time with family.

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This is so PRETTY and SUMMERY!

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What a beautiful cake Finla. I love it.

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