Friday 2 May 2014

Chicken Skewers with Cardamom

I am a huge fan of British chef Rick Stein, and love to watch his cooking shows.
So it is not a mystery I have his cooking books.

And ofcourse after watching his show, In search of the Perfect Curry I bought the book and I have made few dishes from the book which came out really good like this  Sali Murgh  which is a parsee chicken dish with apricot and fried potatoes.

I didn't follow his exact recipe. But I have given the exact recipe and written what i didn't add or what i added more.
 Recipe Source

700 gm skinless,boneless chicken breast cut into 4 cm pieces ( the recipe asked for thighs)
Juice of 1 lime
2 fresh green chillies finely chopped ( I added 4 )
40 gm ginger grated
3 tbsp thick greek style yougurt
1 tsp turmerice powder ( my addition)
2 tbsp of coconut cream ( I didn't use as I didn't have)
2 tbsp double cream
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp coarsly ground black pepper
15 cardamom seeds powdered ( i added 10 )
2 tbsp vegetable oil
Pinch of chat masala for sprinkle in the end which I didn't use as i didn't have)

Mix the chicken , lime juice, chillies and giner together in a bowl and marinate for 15 minyutes.
In another bowl mix together the yougurt, cream and coconut cream, then stir in the salt black pepper and cardamom powder.
Mix with the chicken and marinade and keep in the fridge for 2- 3 hours.

Preaheat a grill to high or heat a sturdy grill ( tha is what I did) pan over a high heat ( or a light a barbacue).
Thread the chicken on to skewers, brush with oil and cook for 3 to 4 minutes each side and cooked through.
Sprinkle with chat masala, if using and serve with roties, onion pickles and green chutney.


Bombay-Bruxelles said...

Finla, the recipe seems wow! But I must WOW louder your photography skills :-)

Angie's Recipes said...

That's a mouthwatering meal, Finla. I love your onion pickles too.

sra said...

15 cardamom pods seems like a lot. I like that you added more chilli, just two for over half a kilo of chicken does seem little.