Wednesday 5 February 2014

Soba Noodles With Mushrooms

These days I am trying to do  bit more vegetarian dishes as according to Hans I make too much chicken dishes and he thinks I should make more vegetarian dishes, not that I don't like making veggie dishes just that finidng something all of us love is another matter.

For example if I had made this dish when Shyama is home she would not like it as she is not a huge fan of mushroom there was a time when she didn't eat even a small piece of mushroom but that has changed she eats few but a dish with only mushroom well that is a big No for her.

And hans is opposite he loves mushroom in any form and I am nuteral,

You all know how much I love wagamama noodle dishes. And the idea of this dish came when I saw another wagamama dish in the book.
Theough it is not same, I just made the dish according to what we like at home and I must say both Hans and I loved it.
And the dish is so light , they you will be like did you had you lunch :-)

 Recipe: Serves 2

200 gm soba noodles
3 tbsp vegetable oil
1 red chillie finley sliced
2 tbsp of grated ginger
250 gm of variety of mushroom slices ( You must use a variety that really gives the dish a wonderful taste)
1/2 tsp salt ( just take care as there is salt in the soup and in soysauce)
600 ml chicken broth ( I used my spicy chines broth , except I didn't add so much chillies whne i made the broth for this dish  - Recipe here )
4 spring onion sliced
2 sprigs of corriander

Cook the Noodles according to the instruction in the packet, drain , refresh under cool water and divide between 2 bowls.

Heat a wok over a medium heat intill completly hot and almost smoking and add the vegetable oil.
Add the sliced red chilli and grated ginger and stir fry for 20 seconds, then add all the mushrooms.
Season with salt and stir fry for 2 - 3 minutes.
Divide the mushrooms over the noodles in the 2 bowls, then laddle the soup . Scatter with spring onions and corriander leaves and enjoy the delicious soup.


Unknown said...

This loos yum Finla, and its easy…i might end up making this for weekend, since for past couple of weeks eating only vegetable, so this will be great for weekend!

Gloria Baker said...

Look delicious Finla!

Jaya M said...

I love these kind of soups Finla, and its just a co-incident that my daughter is also not sooo fond of mushrooms ..she will dig out if any..but then I do hope once she grows up she may like it just like Shyma...and There is a food chain here "Itsu" ..they do make miso soup with all the vegetables or as they called them "potsu" , we like it so much that we don't mind if we become vegetarian for that day, and then they do have chicken ones as well ..All those pictures makes me now craving for it and here it's raining also..who wouldn't love a warm bowl of soup like this ..for me it's any day ...hugs and smiles

Angie's Recipes said...

wow look at those mushrooms!! So meaty and delicious.

sra said...

I love those thin mushrooms. I had them only when I went to Japan, for four or five days, but they were there almost everywhere. And I loved those minimalistic dishes they had, so full of flavour. They had a mix of mushrooms, several kinds in one dish.