Wednesday 22 January 2014

Tomato Brioche With Sun Dried Tomatoes

I am in a Bread making mood, it could be also I am trying to avoid making too much sweet bakes ( TRYING ) and now a days I bake sweet bakes for Sunday afternoon coffee.
Plus we do tend to eat lot of bread living in Belgium.

I must I have been trying to eat less carbs so these days we just eat soups on weekdays evenings but then I end up making these different kind of rolls and we eat them with bread :-)

In December I made this Delicious Savoury Brioch Rolls and we were totally hooked.
So then I thought why not use the same bread recip and use some other flavour and oh yeahhhh this combination was yummy too so I am sure I will be going to make some more different combination.
When i made them in December I made them with white bread flour but this time I used spelt flour so if you dodn't get or don't want to use spelt flour you can use white bread flour.

Ingridients:For the bread

125 ml butter milk
4 gm yeast
1 large egg ( i weighed my egg and it was 70 gm) Add half the egg to the bread mix and keep the other half for brushing the buns.
1 tsp salt ( take care with the salt as there is salt in the pesto and my sundried tomatoes are also salted)
40 gm unsalted butter at roomtemperature
250 gm spelt flour ( you can use white bread flour too if you don't want to use spelt)
2 tbsp of almond flakes

For the filling: Make this first and leave it to cool

1 medium onion chopped fine
3 to 4 tbsp of chopped sundried tomatoes
3 tbsp of sundried tomato pesto
1 tbsp sundried pesto
2 tbsp of olive oil

Method for the filling :

Heat a non stick pan with 2 tbsp of oil add the onions fry for few minutes, if you think there is no oil in the pan then you can add the olive oil. Add the chopped sundried tomatoesn the pesto, stir and leave it to cool in a bowl or in the pan itself.

Method for the buns.

Make sure all the ingridients are in roomtemperature.
Slightly warm the butter milk add the yeast and keep for 5 minutes.
Whisk together flour, salt in the bowl of a standing mixer (or in a large mixing bowl if kneading by hand).
Make a well in the center of the flour and add half the egg and yeast buttermilk mix and the sundried tomato paste.
Whisk these together to form a slurry, pulling in a little flour from the sides of the bowl.

With a dough hook attachment, knead the dough on low speed for 6-8 minutes. (Alternatively, turn out the dough onto a floured work surface and knead by hand for about 10 minutes.)
If you want add a tbsp more butter milk but don't add to much as you still have to add the butter.

Now add the butter piece by piece and mix for further 6 minutes is you are using maching and 10 minutes if you are using our hands.
The dough will be elastic and supple.

Butter a big bown and keep the dough inside and leave in a warm place to rise (covered) for a hour.

After a hour take the dough out , sprinkle some flour on the work board and mix the cooled onione tomato mix. Make sure the mix is well divided into the dough.
Make a ball and keep it back in the butterd bowl covered and leave for resting for 1 more hour.

Now the dough will have doubled up.
Divide the dough into egual parts I got 8 buns and each was weighing 70 gm +/-
Shape them into a ball and keep in a butterd baking tray ( i used baking paper) cover loosely with a dry kitchen towle and keep again in a warm place for 40 minutes.

In the meantime Preaheat the oven to 180°c
Take the rested bun tray mix a little bit of milk with the left over egg yolk and brush it over the top of the buns, and sprinkle with the falked almonds and bake in the oven for 18 to 20 minutes.
Leave it to slightly cool and enjoy.
The buns will be soft and fluffy inside as it is a brioche dough.
Sending these rolls to YeastSpotting



Cham said...

Turning the oven heat in winter is the best! Finla you are killing me with this savory buns - I don't have spelt flour probably i should try with white flour or wheat... The last snap is gorgeous!

notyet100 said...

Slurp wish I could taste this right now, u been,..?

Angie's Recipes said...

Finla, these brioche buns look terrific! I really love the sundried tomato filling.

sra said...

Even the oil stains in your photo look so artistic! Sigh!

Ansh said...

LOVE your breads!! this has been on my mind since I saw it on facebook! YUMM YUMM

Gloria Baker said...

I love brioches and these look cute and Finla!!

Bylelush said...

These rolls look great,as well as the original onion and mushroom version. Do you use the same amount of white flour if you wish to replace the spelt flour? Do you know how well it works if you mix them using the equal amount?

Finla said...

@Jelena the original recipe was made with white bread flour so it will work perfect if you don't want to use Spelt flour.