Tuesday 3 December 2013

Meat Balls with Geuze and Tarragon

I know I have not been that regular in blogging last month, but I think ( atleast that is the plan) I will try to compenste for that and try to do more post here.
I do have so many dishes I want to share here with you all, just the writting and editing the pics which puts me off doing a new post.
I must say nothing exciting has happend in my side of the world.
Just the daily routne and going to FIl's place almost twice a day.
Every time I say Ok now this or that is finished I don't have to be so busy with the things I have to do there.
Last month he broke his foot and he beeing stuck at home and the leg in the cast I have been going there twice a day and doing every thing there. And now last week the cast his removed and he is mobile :-) I was like phewwwww now life is back to normal I don't have to rush that side, something new pops up that I still have to go there twice a day.
Hopefully that will be over in two weeks fingers crossed.

Here we love meat balls , though we mostly stick to theregular meat balls in tomato sauce but these days I have been trying new ways especially as I have the cook book Gehakteballen  from the flemsih TV Chef callesd Jeroe meus .
This recipe use a particular Belgium Beer called Geuze but I am sure you will get them in most of the speciality shop, when I was in Houston visting my sis I saw in the supermarkets there in the Iternational Beer section.

For the meat balls.
2 tbsp Tarragon leaves finley chopped
1 kg of Mixed Mince meat ( We get mixe minch and that included Beef,Veal,pork) But i am sur eyou can do this with pure beef mince too.
Pepper and salt for taste

For the Geuze-Tarragon sauce

2 onons finley chopped
2 tbsp of flour
1 bottle (25Oml geuze beer)
500 ml brown beef stock home made or buy the good quality you get form the stores
3 tbsp tarragon vinegar
100 to 150 ml cream
Few sprigs of tarragon chopped
pepper and salt for taste.
2 tbsp of butter or oil

Add the ingridients for the meat balls in a bowl and mix everything well. Make medium size balls .
Preheat the ovento 180°c and layer the alls in a baking pan and bake them in the oven for 15 minutes or till they are fully baked inside.
In the mean time make the sauce.
Add the oil in a sauce pan, when the butter is melted add the onions. Fryfro few minutes , add the flour and fry for 2 more minutes add the beer , beef stock and the vinegar and mix everything well so there is no lump.
Let this mixture cook for a while till the sauce gets atleast 1/4 less.
Add then the cream and thetarragon leaves and the baked balls. Add salt and pepper for taste and serve with potato mash like I did or you can serve with rice.



Rumana Rawat said...

So so delicious meat balls..

Angie's Recipes said...

My husband will love these meatballs! The sauce looks really great.

Gloria Baker said...

Finla this look delicious!!

Cham said...

Glad to hear that he recovered and mobile again:) U r too good to helping and checking them twice daily:)
Love meatballs but I eat with tomato sauce and spaghetti looks cool ur recipe!

Mandira said...

Hi Finla, these meatballs look so good! I have been trying new recipes for meatballs too now that little one is eating and wanting to experiment.

sra said...

Every time I see herbs, I feel a pang. I can neither grow them here nor can I get them easily.

Jaya M said...

Good to hear about your Fil ...and we only make meatballs and that to with onion/tomato gravy ...This is sure something new for me and looks delicious...hugs

Unknown said...

Such a welcome change from the usual onion+tomato meatballs. I've been on & off the blogging world too, somehow can't seem to find time!