Tuesday 27 August 2013

Cheesecake With Lime and Bluberry

Ok  it doesn't look lika a cake but it taste indeed like one , the difference is this one is served in a glass with different layers.
Last week we had friends for dinner and these friends we have been friends for ages, well Hans is friends with them for more that 30 yrs and me from the time i came here.
I think to be good friends with some one well with  friends they are husband and wife one has to like them plus one has to get on well with each other too.
And mostly I think when one is having guest and if i like them a lot I tend to go over board in preparing th emenu for the party especially the Dessert.
I made two Desserts and a bunch of Macarons and one of the desserts was this and it was really super yumm.

Ofcourse I spiked the dessert with Limoencello if you are serving this for young kids or if you don't like boosing up desserts you can use juice or sugar syrup etc...

Ingridients for 6 to 8 ppl depending on the size of your glass.

For the cake.
1 egg
40 gm sugar ( I added less as i don't like the dessert too sweet)
25 gm flour
10 g Cornflour
Butter for the muffin pan or cupcake wrappers

For the lime Mouss:
2 1/2 gelatine leaves
2 1/2 lim
2 egg yolks
40 gm sugar ( I used less sugar)
200 gm Ricotta Cheese
200 ml cream ( atleast 32 % fat)
2 tsp vanilla sugar

Make the cake first.
  1. Preheat the oven for 160°c.
  2. Add the egg yolk (keep the white in a another bowl) and 30 gm sugar to a bowl and whisk till the mix is pale and fluffy. Add the flour and the cornflour. Mix everything good with the whisk. Now add the rest of the 10 gm sugar to the egg white and whisk till they are in soft peaks. Fold the egg whites into the cake mix. Spoon the cake mix into buttered muffin pans or to the cupcake wrappers and bake for 20 minutes. ( In my oven it got baked in 14 minutes so check the cakes in time) Take the cakes when it is baked and leave it to cool.

    Make the Limemousse
  3. Grate the skin from the lime and aside and squeeze the lime juice.
    Mix the juice of 2 lime and the grated skin and the egg yolks and sugar in a glass bowl.  Whisk this in a warmwater bed ( Au baine Marie) Till they are creamy in texture. In the mean time soften the gelatine leaves in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes. 
    When the egg mix is creamy in texture , take the softend gelatine leaves ,squeese off the excess water and add this to the creamy egg mix and mix well. Leave this creamy mix to come to room temperature.
    When the mix has come to room temperature add the ricotta cheese and the rest of the juice from half lime and fold through.
    Whisk the cream to a soft peak and fold this into the cheese mix.
  4. This 4th step is for people who don't want to have a boosey cheesecake. Then you have to make this lime sugar syrup.
    Grate the skin of 2 lime and sgueeze the juice into a pan add 80 gm sugar and 100 ml water and bring this mix into boiling and boilf for few minutes and the leave it to cool.
  5. Couple of big Tablepoon for Limoencello for guys who want to have boosey cheesecake :-)
  6. Assembling the Cheesecake.
    Slice the cupcakes into thick slices ( I sliced one cupcake into three)
    Soak each slice with the cooled sugar syrum of Limoencello.
    Add the soakded slices into each glass. Now add the thick layer of the limemousse Crumble another piece od soaked cake onto top.
    Keep the glasses in the fridge for atleast 2 hours. When it is time for serving add couple of bluberries on top of the glass and serve.


Angie's Recipes said...

Stunning! I love the idea of individual serving of cheesecake in a glass. Very very pretty!

Priya Suresh said...

Elegant and very attractive cheesecake, i dont mind to take a dive in.

PG said...

wow! looks just too good!

Gloria Baker said...

ah Finla these look beautiful. Always I think you make really beauty desserts!!xo

Raks said...

Looks and sounds really delicious Finla, wish I could have some :)

sra said...

Hmm, lovely fat round blueberries. I just overdosed on chocolate and am feeling full - it's past midnight - so I'm not feeling any dessert envy which I would have felt otherwise.

Unknown said...

A very interesting way to serve cheesecake. Love the layered ones..