Tuesday 25 June 2013

Kerala-Style Peas Masala Recipe

One of the early blogs I know is from Nags, actually I think I knew her sister's  Blog first and then came to know her or is it other way around, I don't remember anymore.
When I found her blog years ago she was a very young woman in her early twenties and I remember her early posts when she was living in Hyderabad and cooking for herself  and then posting what she has cooked etc.... from that young woman she has become this wonderful cook, and I just love her recipes as they are so easy to make and I know what ever I try from her place it is always good.

I have so many recipes which I have bookmarked and I have made few from her place like this Chick Pea Kozahmbu, which is a super hit in my place and I have made it so many times I hav elost count, then there is this Vengaya Kara Kuzhambu which we love too and when ever I do a thali party this dish is always there.

From the time I saw this peas curry I have been wanting to make but then as you know one wants to make so many dishes that there is hardly time to make every thing one want.
Nags curry looks more yellow than mine, but I think it would be to do something with my roasting the spices she added 1 tbsp of oil ,which i didn't I dry roasted them only after making the dish I was like hmmmm wasn't the pic in her place was lighter then I thought maybr i did something wrong and read the recipe and then found out about the oil, but don't know if tha tmakes a difference in taste.
As we all loved it. I even took two portions for Shyama when I went to visit her so that she just have to make rice or buy roties.
It is exams in college so she has not been home for a month, so Hans and I visited her twice taking some food and other things she need.
I did take step by step pics, but not adding them as nags as beautiful step by step pictures and explaining the recipe so if you want to make this delicious dish, you can hopp over to her place.


amna said...

Thank you so much for such kind words Finla. I have indeed come a long way from the single girl cooking for one back in Hyderabad 6-7 years back :)

Gloria Baker said...

I love peas and this look yummy!!
Look amazing Finla!

Namitha said...

Nags has a wonderful blog.The color of your curry looks perfect to me. Such a comforting dish

Angie's Recipes said...

I can easily finish the whole bowl! So yum!

Priya Suresh said...

Who can resist to this beautiful peas masala,inviting.

Kalyan Panja said...

looks lovely & delicious...mouthwatering!

Nava K said...

Great combo of ingredients and the peas are definitely a star to this dish.