Friday 5 April 2013

Potato Budnt Cake With Sukade and Chocolate Daring Bakers March 2013

I know it is a bit late to post the Daring Bakers from March.
But the thing is I only did the challenge the morning of the posting date which is 27th. And till now I have not had any time to edit the picture and write the post.
And the challenge from DB was baking something sweet with vegetable.
First I thought maybe I will bake something with Zucchini or carrots, but then I thought that was predictable and I went hunting for a recipe in my huge collection of cooking books.
And ofcourse I found a recipe which use Potato plus Sukade . I have been looking for this sukade for a while and I have asked so many shops, but never found out and while googling I found out Sukade is a Citrus fruitand according to Wiki it is pickles for a month and then they wash it and then they get a sugar coating etc...
A good quality Sukade is soft and taste to orange peel but less bitter.
I must say we here at home love this sukade, we liked it much more than tutti fruity etc...
Mostly they have Sukade tree in Sicilie, Corsica, Greece, Suriname etc...

I made the cake in small shapes , small budnt pans and in a small round cake tin.
150 gm cooked and mashed potatoes ( I steamed them the evening before so that they were cool next morning )
3 eggs
25 gm castor sugar
100 gm powder sugar ( I used only 70gm)
1/2 teaspoon of lime rind
1 tablespoon lemoncello ( if you don't have it you can use lime juice)
75 gm almond powder
1 tablespoon fine semolina
30 gm chopped sukade
50 gm of raisins ( soak the raisins in 2 tbsp of rum if you like, i did that)
Bit of flour for sprinkling on pans.

For the Glaze.
100 gm dark chocolate chopped
1 tbsp of oil

Preheat the oven 1750c and if you have fan oven it is 160°c.
Butter the pans and sprinkle flour on the pans.
Seperate the yolks and white in to different bowl.
Beat the eggs into soft peaks and while whipping the eggs sprinkle the casto sugar.
In the bowl with the egg yolks, stir the yolks, powder sugar,lime rind,lemoncello into a creamy texture.
Add the potato and the almond powder into this creamy mixture. And then the Sukade and the raisins.
Fold in the egg whites into the bater and aslo fold in the semolina.
Pour the cake batter into the prepared tin and bake for 20 minutes.
Ofcourse depending on the size of tin the time of the baking will change.
When the cake is baked take them out of the oven leave it for some 10 min and then take it out of the pan and cool completly.
When the cake is cooled glaze the cake.
Add the chocolate and the oil i a heat proof bowl and melt in a doubl boiler or in you MV.
When the chocolate is melted pour the glaze over the cake and leave it to dry.
If you don't have sukade you can just omit them. If you like prange flavour then you can use orange instead of lime.



Vanamala Hebbar said...

oh never tasted potato cake...looks yummy ...

Gloria Baker said...

this look beautiful Finla and always your cakes look awesome!:)

Srivalli said...

Finla, those are such cute looking cakes!...wish it was eggless..:)..

AJ said...

Looks wonderful!!

Priya Suresh said...

Wow cant take off my eyes from those cute and very attractive cute bundt cake, tremendous glaze too, never tried this succade, beautiful cakes.

indosungod said...

Finla, that cake looks adorable. I know I am talented enough to give it a try :(

Angie's Recipes said...

They are so adorable, Finla. I have never had a bundt made with potatoes. Love the idea.

Bombay-Bruxelles said...

Looks nice. It's so original for a cake :-)

Cham said...

Bundt cake drizzled with choco, looks adorable, never baked a cake with potato sounds great!