Monday 11 March 2013

Red Curry Chicken Balls

I love thai food anf flavours, even though I must admit that it took me couple of years to apriciate fish sauce, years before when a recipe asked for fish sauce I never added as the first time I boought a bottle of fish sauce from the thai store and I opened up to use it I gave a big sniff and I thought I will throw up as I didn't like the strong smell of the fish sauce.
But then I started using little by little in dishes and in the end I agree when they say fish sauce is really a essential part of thai cooking.
Ofocurse I know this is not a traditional dish I don't think there is anything like this in tahi cusine, but then I am like if you can make strips of chicken using red curry paste then why not make a dish using chicken mince etc...



For meat Balls:
700 gm chicken mince ( I used meat from chciekn legs as I think if you just use breast the balls are too dry)
2 chillies finley chopped
1 table spoon of corriander
1 table spoon of soy sauce
1 tsp of fish sauce
Pepper powder
2 to 3 table spoon of corn flour for tolling the balls
Little oil for browning the balls

For the Sauce
6 shallots sliced
1 tbsl ginger and gralic paste
3 table spoon thai red curry paste ( less if you want less spicy)
75 ml water
400 ml coconut milk ( I used tinnes)
1 tables spoon fish sauce
100 gm baby corn sliced.
2 to 3 table spoon of corn flour mixed with a little water.
2 table spoon of oil
Chopped corriander and spring onions for garnsih.

Mix all the ingridients for the chicken balls in a bowl except for the corn flour and the oil.
Make small balls ( golf size) from the mix and roll the in the corn flour and keep aside .
Heat in a frying pan the oil and add the chicken balls and fry them till they are brown on every side .
In the mean time make the sauce.
Heat a sauce pan with oil, add the slices onions , ginger garlic paste and fry for few minutes till they are soft, then add the  red curry paste fry for few minutes, add the water and mix well then add the coconut milk.
Add the browned chicken balls and cook for 10 to 15 minutes till the balls are cooked.
Add the fish sauce . Now add the cornflour mixed with little water so that the sauce can get thicken.
Don't add the corn flour full add little by little depending how thick you want to have your saice.
Tip, if you think you have less sauce you can add more water.
Sprinkle with chopped corriander leaves and spring onions and you can serve this with simple noodles or plain rice.


Priya Suresh said...

Omg, cant take my eyes from that fantastic spread, those chicken balls are highly delicious.

Cham said...

I love fish sauce,when i first smelled it was a yuck feeling! but after dipping with vietnamese rolls, that was out of the world. But i don't use anymore -men in my house will kick me out :)
Love the ,meatballs with noodles!

Gloria Baker said...

OMY Finla this look delicious!!

sra said...

I love how white those noodles look!

Rafeeda AR said...

looks really yummy... bookmarked!!!

indosungod said...

They do look fantastic. Yes I have also slowly come to appreciate fish sauce.

Emanuelle Lee said...

Wow these look incredible!

Cakelaw said...

This is a great loooking meal Finla - with such terrific flavours!

Bong Mom said...

This is really neat idea. We love Thai food too and also meatballs. Very innovative to bring them together I must say.

Bong Mom said...

This is really neat idea. We love Thai food too and also meatballs. Very innovative to bring them together I must say.

Merry Tummy said...

this looks amazing. DO visit my blog

lissie said...

I'm drooling... delicious red curry chicken balls!

Unknown said...

Yummy these look divine! Can't wait to try them