Monday 30 January 2012

Fund Drive for Vaidehi Ashram with Raffle

In January Siri of Cooking with Siri mentioned in her Fb page that she went to visit Vaidehi Ashram for Destitude Girls in Hyderabad and that soon she will post about it and I mentioned to her I am looking forward for reading the post.

I remember reading the post and also seeing the pictures of the kids, especially the younger kids, it breaks your heart seeing them, and then that makes one think and  Siri had written in her post that when these kids have their food that not even a single piece of grain is wasted, they know the value of a grain.

Vaidehi Asharam, for girls they are young kids and girls, these kids have no family or sometimes they have a mom or dad but they dont have the means to look after them.
The girls are  taught fine arts such as music, painting, dance and handicrafts .

They are also provided with sufficient knowledge about good food and health which they in turn use to educate and empower women in nearby slum areas, which I thought is quite commendable.

You must read her post it is so touching and I am sure after you reading you will chip into the Fund Drive.
I know my mom used to go to a Orphanage in Cohin for my Dads anniversary and give them food, I also know that her youngest sister who is a widow does it too but then she goes to a home were old people are living.
Last year we lost our mom and I was in India for a while and then when I came back home my sister in B'lore told me they went to a Orphanage few hours drive from b'lore taking with them, rice, legumes, coconut etc... and while they were there they adopted a girl, well you can't take the lil girl to your home you pay for her food,clothes,schooling for each year.

If a donor donates 10$ then you gets 1 raffle tickets which can be used to bid for these Raffle Prizes
Ok you might say I do support other charity etc.... and I agree to you all fully, but  even if you give for other good causes, what is one more, the lowest you can pay is 10 $ and I am sure all of us can spare atleast 10 $.

1 Raffle Ticket = 10 $

2 Contibute Via Paypal or credit. You can donate any amount. Each $10 donation will give you one raffle ticket towards a raffle prize of your choice.

For Example, a donation of $20 will fetch you 2 raffle tickets which can be used to choose on any of the raffle prizes.

3. Once the donation process is completed, please forward your payment confirmation message to info(dot)siri(at), clearly specifying which raffle prize(s) you are interested in. Within 24 hours, your name and contributed amount will be added to the 'Fund Drive Supporters List' at the very end of this post. If you want to stay anonymous, please let me know in advance. For any correspondence/questions/queries, use the comment section or the email address mentioned.

To donate in Rupees:

1 raffle ticket = 500Rupees.

Please send an email to info(dot)siri(at) for the bank account details where you can do a direct deposit and participate in the Fund Drive.

The event will close on 25th February and winners will be announced on 27th February via a randow drawing by the Ashram kids. :-)

What are the raffle prizes being sponsored?

Thanks to the amazing support from my blogger friends, you have 40+ raffle prizes to choose from, depending on where you live. All the raffle prizes are listed below in a table format for easy reference. For a more pictorial description of each of them - Click here.

The following raffle prizes make great gifts, and each item will be sent to the winner neatly packed and shipping expenses paid.

Please note that each one of these prizes can be chosen by multiple donors. A lucky dip will be conducted with the names associated and a winner will be chosen by the Ashram kids.
For supporting this Fund raiser I have donated a Cooking Book. The Perfect Scoop: Ice Creams, Sorbets, Granitas, and Sweet Accompaniments by David Lebovitz

If you want this book the code is RE 1
Just think like this,  you were planning to buy a prop for your blog to take better pictures, well don't buy that this time, donate the money for this good cause or was planning to buy something you saw in one of the clothes shop and you don't need it, but you like the color of that top or  shirt well don't buy it this time give that money for the Fund Drive, think about the joy these kids will have when they know that there are people in the world who cares about them.


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Such a nice initiative :-)

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Awesome gesture..kudos to u all..

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What nice and lovely idea dear:)

Namitha said...

Kudos to you all who are doing this wonderful thing together ! God bless !

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Wonderful gesture Finla.