Tuesday 12 July 2011

Grappa Cherry Preserve

Till now we have been having such a wonderful summer holidays.
Even though we live  8 minues by walk from the beach we didn't even go to have a swim even once, I don't think none of us are beach people, when Shyama was younger we used to go to the beach during the holidays as you know how kids are they love water, but now she is not that crazy for beeing on the beach.
I much more prefer to walk on the beach with my bare feet in water, than just lying and baking in the sand.
But I am sure we will go for swimming one of these days.
So we have been going for cycling most of the days. To different places, there are days when we cycled 25 km , well that is the longest we have been till now.
Have planned to go to a city which is 20 km from our place but then going and comming back it will be plus/minus 40 km so first we thought we will do a bit by bit and let our bumb get used to sitting on cycle :-)

Don't know if it is like that for you all, but sometime I see something new which I have never tried , I am like oh I want to try this soon and this Grappa Cherry Preserve was one of those new things which I had to try.
The minus point of trying this is tha I have to wait few months to know the result :-(

500 gm Cherries with stem
Couple of cinamon sticks
Few cloves
Lemon peel ( use a fruit peeler to peel then it is much easier) I used lime
150 ml water
150 gm sugar
300 ml Grappa

Wash the cherries. Dry carefully with a kitchen towel. Cut the stems using scissors so that the piece that remains is about 1 cm long. Put them into the jars.

Put lemon peel, a few cloves and a piece of cinnamon into jars with the cherries.

Put water and sugar into a pot. As soon as sugar melts, remove the pot from the stove, wait for a few minutes and stir in Grappa. Pour this over cherries.

Keep in a dark, cold place and wait for a few months before opening it. Well that is what she wrote in her place, but I was accidently watching a programme about making cocktails and in the show they said keep them in the fridge, and I have kept them in the fridge.


chef and her kitchen said...

I love thsoe plumpy dark colored cherries which I miss here...looks superb that preserve

Unknown said...

thats so interesting..beach just 5 mins walk..cycling ,,swimming..thats something I dream of..nice..

Raks said...

With those spices it should be so flavorful and yummy! loved it!

indosungod said...

Preserved whole cherries do look good. I bet they will absorb all the flavors and taste delicious.

lata raja said...

The preserve looks just awesomely delicious...sigh Finz, I am in a country where movement is so restricted, that I have to be driven to a local store and grocer all the same...you can walk, ride a cycle and what more...one lucky lady!

Smita Srivastava said...

The preserve looks so yummy .... Love the beautiful pictures too !!!

Gloria Baker said...

Look lovely and georgeous Happy Cook, love cherries, gloria

Usha said...

Looks so beautiful and delicious !

Sreelu said...

Finla, love to eat those plump cherries once they have soaked up all the flavors