Friday 26 October 2007

Omlette With Potato

The beautiful lovely Kanchana from Married to a Desi is hosting Weekend breakfast blogging event OMELETTE. This is my contribution for her event.

The event was started by Dr.Nandita Iyer of Saffrron Trail.

Let me see what can i say about this omelette. Nothing much. Actually it is my MIL make this omlette when she have left over potatoes when my hubby and his brother were small.

So when my daughter stayed in their place when she was younger ( well to be honest she always wanted to stay with her Oma ( that is what she calls her grandmother) when she was younger as you know kids love their grandmothers. She would still go and stay there now ,but she have too much school work. MIL used to make this for her and after a while i started also making this for my daughter as she love to have this omlette.

You can add any filling you want. I made this for my daughter so NO VEGETABLES as she dislike most of them.
If i was making it for myself i would have added few slice of mushroo, onions or capsicum etc....for reall carnivores they can add ham etc :-))

Eggs and potato in the pan

This is what my daughter had for dinner this evening :-)

2 eggs
1 large Potato cooked and fried in a bit of oil
1 slice of cheese
Butter or oil for frying.
Salt and pepper to your taste

Crack the eggs into a small bowl and whisk.

Heat the oil or butter in a non-stick frying pan and pour in the eggs.
Add the potatoes to it. Cover and cook till the eggs are almost done, then add the slice of chees.
When it is melted. Remove the omlette to a plate and serve.
If you want you can turn the omelette upside down too then both the sides are crisp and then add the cheese.


FH said...

Sha doesn't like veggies either, huh? So do Trisha. Meat any time for her!:D
Potatoes, I think all the kids like them. Omelette looks great, love the cheese on top!:)
Hope you got both of my e mails! Have a great weekend F, hugs.

Swaruchy said...

Hey...the Omlette looks cool......Never tried it with potatoes...What a nice color it has :-)

Kribha said...

My kid is also fussy about eating veggies, rice and everything except chocolate. Ofcourse it runs in his genes. He gets it from his mom. But I love eggs and potatoes. This is indeed a great combination. Nice entry for the event.

Sharmi said...

hmmm that sound interesting! said...

Hey Happy Cook!

Eggs, Potatoes, and Cheese. An awesome combination if I do second your daughter. Man no matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to post comments ahead of that Mrs.Asha.....hahaha.

Thanks for the wonderful entry! Glad you and your daughter enjoyed this, I can see why, looks great!

ps. Thanks for the nice compliment!

Raks said...

Looks like your daughter (Sha?),had a great dinner...;D

USHA said...

This seems to be different too..adding potato on Omlette...Nice entry.

Laavanya said...

Potatoes, Eggs and Cheese - that must be the perfect kid loving combo.

Dori said...

I love omlettes! This omlette looks very good!!!

Rina said...

Happy, this is so unique for me. Should try it out this time.

Unknown said...

Looks yummy.

Finla said...

Asha Shyama dislike most of the veggies with a passion. If it is in the soup sometimes she eats. Only veggies she likes are carrots and peas and drumsticks.
Thankx for the mails i only checked it when you told me yesterday, hope you got my mail back :-)
Have a good weekend

Srisha Kilambi It is really good and most of the time i make them when i have left over boiled potatoes

Kribha My daughter is not small anymore, she is 15 but still fussy with veggies.

Sharmi hmmmmm from you. Thankyou :-)

Married to a desi so you can't give comment before Asha :-) I know if i make somethinhg she will be there to give me good cwords about my dish.
I love the omelette too but this one i made for my daughter.Hope you get lot of entry for the event.

Raks Kitchen Actuall i wanted to write she in the sentence of my post but it was a spelling mistake which i have corrected :-) Her name is Shyaama. And she loves this omelette.

Usha Thankyou. It is my MIL idea.

Lavanyaa Really true i have never known any kids who don't like this combo.

Meeso Thankyou.

Rina I know you have 2 kids they will love it. I hops so as sometimes kids are very fussy.

sagari said...

cheese looks very yummy

Manju said...

omlette n potato!! wow... looks delicious!!

Seena said...

good one, very healthy..!
me add potatoes mashed for omlette...

Sig said...

Wow, your own version of spanish omelette, eh? Love the combo potato, cheese and eggs what can go wrong? :)

Lissie said...

happy, my son would love that! he too dislikes veggies.
by the way, i would like to see your daughter's photo! i will send you my children's photos if you could send me an email to

Lissie said...

sorry, i didn't see your email id on the blog. so, i will send the photos.

Raks said...

Oh Ok...I had a doubt that you could have mis-spelled it now..!!

Sona - quick picks/pick quicks said...

that is a new variation to omlettes, happy coook...lovely entry ..

Anonymous said...

happycook, i too do this often at home & even prepared a post on it( but yet to post it):)) & i also add chopped ham & bacon to it!:))

Padmaja said...

hey nice n simple recipe!!
My omelette was with potatoes n peppers!! its wonderful to see what we can do with eggs and throwing in what's available!!
nice recipe!!

Rachel said...

the omelette has a nice colour..and the cheese is great oo.. I love cheesy omelettes!!!

Finla said...

Sagari Thankyou

Superchef welcome back, yeah it is a real good combo

Seena Thankyou

Sig i didn't know it was a spanish idea, i always thought it was my MIL who didn't want to waste the potato

Lissie your son too don't like vegies.
Hey i got your mail, hope u have got my reply :-)

Raks Kitchen Yhankyou. Hope the confusion is finished :-)

Paati I sometimes add ham for my carnivores hubby and daughter :-)

Padmaja yeah i just went and checked your they look delicious. True wht one can do with a simple egg.

Rachel Thankyou they are really tasty

Bong Mom said...

Ha ha getting veggies into kids is hard, this with mushrooms, onion would be better for me

Bharathy said...

Yes, eggs are good for growing kids..!!Lovely looking omelette HC!!:)

Retno Prihadana said...

My children love this omlette very much. My hubby is used to make this on the weekend.

Finla said...

Sandeepa True but my daughter is 15 and she still hates most of the veggies with a passion.

Bharathy Thankyou.

Retno My daughter loves them too. But it is me who is making them lucky you that hubby makes for your kids. When my hubby comes to the kitchen i throw him out :-))